Oskar May by Naa Teki Onukpa Oskar May by Naa Teki Onukpa
Photo by Naa Teki Onukpa

Between the Words and Sounds of Oskar May

December 16, 2016
Text by Nils Schröder
Oskar May by Naa Teki Onukpa
Photo by Naa Teki Onukpa

His way of blurring the established lines between poetry and pop makes Oskar May hard to grab. PW-Magazine interviewed the Vienna-based artist.

Oskar May’s affinity for pathos and his never-ending urgency to escape the various grids of expectation and predictability may have contributed to his invitations on poetry stages in Ghent and Berlin, as well as to an opening gig for a pop concert by Molly Nilsson.
May is comfortable with not caring about categorization. In between is where he thrives.  An environment perfectly provided by Gully Havoc, the label that recently released Oskar May’s first EP. Titled “The Lane“, it is an emotional sprawl over distorted techno waste-grounds, playful black metal ambitions and grand vocal spaces.

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