Vienna’s new Label AMEN Empowers Artists to Crush their Boundaries


Community-based new label AMEN releases its first compilation. Read about the genesis of the Viennese label by visual artist Aleksandar Vucenovic.

The growing number of contacts and jobs gave Aleksander the idea to move the project away from mere video production and towards the community. By founding the mix-series AMEN on SoundCloud, he had created the base for his new project. Initially, befriended artists were represented there, but were soon joined by musicians out of his immediate circle. That was the final impulse which led to the launch of the label AMEN at the beginning of this year.

The label is a symbiosis of diverse talents and promotes young artists without restriction of genre, gender, sexuality, or skin color. The connection of participants in fighting against the every-day limitations in the artist’s way of life relates to the logo of AMEN which shows chained-up angels’ wings. The members define their cooperation in terms of friendship, shared interests, and the wish to overcome their own boundaries.

On October 23rd, the first AMEN Compilation was released. Here is the track list:

Dviance & The Sow – If Your Right Eye Makes You Stumble
111X – I Wish Tomorrow Everything Would Be Fine But I Know Nothing Will Change
SCHISM – 2 Hearts
My Sword – Ignis
Battle-Ax – I Don’t Wanna
Exit Sense – Venus In Furs (Black Mage Mix)
FAITHFUL – Lost Incantation (Forgotten In Your Wake)
Salon and Cough – Femme Varie / Love Funeral Fertile Earth
Fauna – Liberata
Iku – They Call Me A Thief

The EP “Kapuze/Nokturn” (PRAYER0001) by producer HNRK was already released on September 30th.


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