Video Premiere: Anthea »S.P.A.M.«

Photo by Anna Hadaier

The abbreviation stands for »stop pointing at me« and describes a female liberation process.

In the video - the first visual insight into Anthea’s debut EP »XEA« – the protagonist encounters an embodiment of her old patterns and has to face her own ego. Directed by Vienna-based filmmaker Sabrina Norte, the video clip uses a bright color palette and fast-paced editing style to illustrate the complexity of female identity with powerful imagery that mirrors the encouraging upbeat sound.

Video credits

Director and Editor: Sabrina Norte
Cinematography: Matthias Groß
Set Design: Kathrin Figerl
Styling: Linda Paula Keider
Make Up & Hair: Cameron Lee Felton
Choreography: Franciska Grill
With Hannah NeckelMatthias Köck

Photo by Anna Hadaier


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