Premiere: Ink Midget »Torn Bicep« on Ashida Park

Premiere Ink Midget Torn Bicep
Artwork by Georg Fasswald / Studio Egyd

PW-Magazine features the premiere of the track “Torn Bicep” by Ink Midget on Vienna-based label Ashida Park. We think it’s absolutely worth listening to.

The reconstruction of his own musical influences and the quest to achieve his very own weird uniqueness lay at the core of Ink Midget’s brand new EP Endless Grunts. Using razor sharp percussions and ruthless drums side by side with a shimmering melodic arrangement and self-recorded acoustic sounds, the born & raised Bratislavian conveys his idea of what club music could mean in 2018. Ink Midget has also built a following for his attentive out-of-context interpretations of popular music, was prominently featured in DJ sets and mixes by Mobilegirl, Kablam, NAAFI and many more. On his debut EP for Ashida Park he presents a set of 3 original tracks that scream for attention. Enjoy!

Don’t miss Ink Midget’s EP release party alongside Rui Ho and Isama Zing on Wednesday, October 25, 2017 at Opera Club: Ashida Park IV!


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