Antonia XM »Flawed« Is Out Now!

Photo by Dominik Geiger

The first vocal track by Ashida Park’s co-label head and one of Vienna’s most astonishing DJs sees the light of day.

Having focused mainly on instrumental club and experimental electronic music in recent years, Antonia XM builds this intuitive yet catchy tune on a minimalist and melodic production. The careful use of sound effects gives her voice enough space to stand out and tell an intimate story:

»It’s song about a really difficult time in my life, where a lot of bad stuff happened and I could barely go through a week without a panic attack, major life crisis or new physical condition. When I wrote the song a few years ago, I was unable to finish it because I didn’t even know how: I didn’t know a thing about producing music and the track just felt too intimate to share with anyone. I guess the whole process of making this song was about overcoming things and starting to move on - so ultimately Flawed is also about the exhausting process of getting better.«

The track is also featured in the brand new PW-Magazine Spotify Playlist, that also included our SoundCloud premieres and some beloved music.

Foto by Dominik Geiger
Clothing by Jennifer Milleder
Mixing & Mastering by Michele Sinatti


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