Photo by Terese Kasalicky, 2018

Essentials September 17 - 23

Where to go and what to do - every week, PW-Magazine selects the most exciting events and exhibitions that should not be missed in Vienna!

Tuesday - September 18

Art Opening Talk
This Is Ornamental
Kunsthalle Wien presents the first solo show of French conceptual and installation artist Saâdane Afif in Austria. Afif’s practice is characterized by extreme variability between forms, categories, inspirations and methods used.

Art Opening
Value of Freedom
With its overlapping themes and cross-references, the exhibition at Belvedere 21 weaves a tapestry of interdependencies and reciprocal influences between the individual and society, democracy and the economy, nature and culture.

Thursday - September 20

Art Opening
A Finger Pointing to the Moon
Opening of the exhibition with works by Andrew Birk at artist-run space SORT.

Art Opening
Aus der Ära des langen Liegens
Opening of the exhibition with works by Nino Stelzl at Galerie kunstbuero.

Music Party
Amen Anniversary
It’s a must go: Vienna-based label Amen celebrates its second birthday with music by Asfast, In My Talons, Kean Farrar, Hnrk, M.E.S.H., DJ Angel, Fauna, and DJ Fabian Deutsch at fluc.

Friday - September 21

Art Performance
Bust Talks
Thomas Geiger performs in the context of the exhibition The Share of Opulence; Doubled; Fractional at the main entrance of the University of Vienna.

Art Opening
Piled up to pillars
Opening of the exhibition with works by Terese Kasalicky at artist-run space New Jörg.

Music Party
ON FLEEK regular residents and guest DJs sultan, fabipolar as well as yarismusic will play at Club Titanic.

Music Party
F*cken Plus
Every year again. It’s Christmas at Meat Market’s F*cken Plus: Gerald VDH, Guzy Mane, and Phirbit will DJ at Das Werk.

Music Party
Fresh Meat
French rapper Retro X, Live from Earth’s NXXXXXS, Neba, and Serval will play at fluc.

Music Party
In Dada Social
In Dada Social is all about bringing contemporary and experimental club music to the dance floor: Wyme, Amblio, Antonia XM, Katana, koifin, and śārka will perform at Rhiz Vienna.

Saturday - September 22

Art Opening
Axel Koschier, Matthias Peyker, Joerg Reissner, and Stefan Reiterer will show their works at artist-run space PFERD.

Music Party
The United Sisters of Queertopia have invited artist Mirabella Paidamwoyo as well as DJs and performers meow-sic, tama-raw, Dalia Ahmed, Keke, Antonia XM, DJ Angel, and Pedra Costa to fluc.

Music Party
Neat house music and everything that goes with it: Melbourne’s Hysteric, Paul Raal, Manuel Dolp, and Boogaloo Steve will play at celeste.

Selected Ongoing Exhibitions

Sep 30 Alexander Kluge

Belvedere 21

Sep 30 Klitclique MUSA
Oct 7 Loretta Fahrenholz mumok
Oct 7 Olaf Nicolai Kunsthalle Wien
Oct 13 Jasmina Cibic Significant Other


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