Video Premiere: Kevin Elamrani-Lince & ssaliva »LA«

August 4, 2022

Kisling »Old Life« [Serious Serious] is Out Now!

July 26, 2022

Artjom »Funny Place« is Out Now!

July 20, 2022

Watch the Teaser of »ALOW« by CATALOGUE OF DISGUISE

July 13, 2022
Photo by Pia Wilma Wurzer

Video Premiere: IDKLANG »A Futile Machine«

July 6, 2022
Photo by Marysia Swietlicka

Geier aus Stahl »Strapazen und Genesung« is Out Now!

June 24, 2022
Photo by Julija Zaharijević

Fini »Music With Holes« Is Out Now!

April 22, 2022

Video Premiere: Happy New Tears »Where The Willow Weeps«

April 1, 2022
Photo by James Bantone

Video Premiere: Xzavier Stone »2SHY« (feat. Heggi) 

March 22, 2022
Photo by Lena Kuzmich

Tony Renaissance »Xxxerberus« Is Out Now!

March 11, 2022
Photo by Agustín Farias

Video premiere: caner teker’s »karadeniz«

February 15, 2022
Photo by Schiefer Film

Ånsgar »Donkey Liturgy« Is Out Now!

December 27, 2021
Photo by Agustín Farias

Shade Théret and Magdalena Mitterhofer »FINALE« Video Trailer

December 16, 2021

Premiere: PRICE »Under His Breath«

December 8, 2021

Watch the Video Trailer of Tim Plamper’s »Security III (Tiger)«

December 5, 2021
Photo by Maryan Said

Premiere: SKY H1 »Labyrinth«

November 23, 2021
Foto von Lukas Preuss

Premiere: Trailer zur »Schau21« an der UdK Berlin

November 12, 2021
Photo by Oskar Ott

Video Premiere: Sanna Lu Una »The Gate«

November 7, 2021
Photo by Lonneke van der Palen

Premiere: BEA1991 »Tranquility«

November 2, 2021
Photo by Julian Lee-Harather

Video Premiere: Anthea »Alive«

October 15, 2021


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