Watch the Teaser of »ALOW« by CATALOGUE OF DISGUISE


A hallucinatory nightmare characterized by pervasive anxiety, loss of control and trepidation luring under the surface of three different escapist encounters.

Filmed at TRAUMA BAR UND KINO, this underground tale directed by Tanja Bombach explores feelings of restlessness and overstimulation in a fragmented way. It examines uncertainty as a collective state of mind, simultaneously haunted by notions of a lost past and anticipated future.

Purposefully shot and edited in long takes with its raw cinematic quality, the film intentionally creates a first-person view to emphasize a subjective experience of a dream-like sequence in contrast to the theatrical staging.

Wielding a multidisciplinary arsenal of performance, sound and fashion, »ALOW« combines and bends characteristics of genres between arthouse, fashion presentation, screen dance and slow horror.

»My vision was loosely inspired by the cyberpunk novel Vurt by Jeff Noons with its dark and nightmarish mood. The story describes different dream worlds, which you can choose to enter. These immersive journeys with the underlying wish for escapism turn into experiencing a fickle and unsettling relationship with reality.« – Tanja Bombach (artistic director of CATALOGUE OF DISGUISE).

Collections made for this film by Laura Gerte, Don Aretino and Tanja Bombach blend with choreographies by Phoenix Chase-Meares and Jos Mckain developed in the TRAUMA BAR UND KINO Dance studio with ten dancers. The music and sound are composed by Simone Antonioni, which will be released under the independent Berlin-based record label VERLAG later this year. 

Cast: Susanne Engbo Andersen, Phoenix Chase-Meares, Peer Liening-Ewert, Alistair Wroe, Camille Jackson @camillejapson, June, Nina Burkhardt, Lena Kilchitskaya, Yvonne Sembene, Yi-Wei Tien.



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