Video Premiere: IDKLANG »A Futile Machine«

Photo by Pia Wilma Wurzer

This dark-twisted nightmare of IDKLANG comes with a fully 3D-rendered video by XOF, co-founders of Berlin-based label OXYORANGE.

Markus Steinkellner, also part of Mermaid and Seafruit, is set to release his next solo EP under his moniker IDKLANG. The lead single, »A Futile Machine«, is infused with relentless heavy drums and trance synth lines garnished with raw vocals. IDKLANG keeps things disrupted with his signature synth and drum-heavy combo take. 

The production of the EP started as the music for a production of »Hoppla, We’re Alive!« by Ernst Toller, which premiered three years ago at Nationonaltheater Mannheim. The sound was retouched and honed down for the release on OXYORANGE, which marks their coming back from two years hiatus. 

The six-track collection is a coherent heady dose of raw music with an avant-garde approach to classical music and hard dembow-esque and grimy rhythms blended with the aesthetics of industrial dance music. Release date: July 29.

Photo by Pia Wilma Wurzer


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