Courtesy of Omsk Social Club.
Courtesy of Omsk Social Club. Photo by Eric Tschernow
Courtesy of Omsk Social Club. Photo by Eric Tschernow
Courtesy of Omsk Social Club. Photo by Eric Tschernow
Courtesy of Omsk Social Club. Photo by Eric Tschernow

Omsk Social Club: »Heart of an Avatar: A Preliminary Document of the Internet«

February 17, 2022
Text by Editorial Team

PW-Magazine is proud to prepublish excerpts from the first chaper of »Heart of an Avatar: A Preliminary Document of the Internet«  by the collective Omsk Social Club. The full release will launch Feburary 19 at 20.00 CET on

Courtesy of Omsk Social Club.

The digital book project was conceived through a 58 day non-stop 24/7 real game play, to which eight people took it in turns to collectively role-play a format to which the main protagonist Eastyn Agrippa a multiple-being wrote their memoir from the perspective of being an avatar, human, spirit multi-being.

Over the course of the two months, Eastyn lived and interacted solely online never leaving their apartment, connected to their core community on discord and the internet at large. They investigated new forms of radical connectivity through the glitch-course of human and avatar. This generated 58 unique NFTS as memoir, for each day they were alive. During this period Eastyn took apart past and emergent theories surrounding the ontology of the avatar and net culture through the genre of theory-fiction to layout muses, arguments and ideas surrounding the topics of disembodied intimacy, death as multiple, belief and legitimacy online, self abolishment, body in code and safe spaces vs hurt spaces. 

Written in Real-time – Spring 2020

Unrealism is set in 2020.


In recent years we have witnessed the carving of digital identity becoming the foundational tool for knowing oneself, true or otherwise. Eastyn Agrippa – an unknown author became driven by this phenomena and decided to begin to sculpt identities that could survive only online, this became an obsession for them and after a year of living multiple identities over 3 different time zones. Agrippa decided to live 58 days online, only using physical space for existing but never leaving the flat. This would be her first book – her memoir of an online paradise.

Agrippa, as a personality, was by no means on the brink of hikikomori; an extreme social condition where young adolescents withdraw from life and only exist online.

Agrippa was, in fact, a character who devoured experiences, this being the latest in a long list of extreme behavioural patterns. Agrippa also was not shy and one night started pitching this new line of inquiry to a friend who convinced Agrippa to take the piece to the next level – let the collective hive mind help you live this, do this on Twitch; an online video streaming platform that is mostly used for Esports, video game competitions. This new direction drove Agrippa further into a frenzy of gamifying and tokenizing the life they were about to embark on. Agrippa then sent a telegram message to a curator they knew, asking if they might be interested in presenting it, naturally one needs an audience base beyond their own social circle for this experiment to really be interesting…

Zen, Speed, Organic – 3 lifestyle diets

Courtesy of Omsk Social Club. Photo by Eric Tschernow

CHAPTER 1: Play as Death

do you sometimes move yourself up against the threshold between life and death? where the future collapses into the present. do you ever venture there not out of fear but out of curiosity? when you arrive there, does it smell like formaldehyde, does it smell repugnant? or would you feel shielded from pain and suffering by having lived? do you say, when you get there, »ok, i have done my best living« or would you want to insist on continuing to exist? do you sometimes wonder whether your friends and family will remember you. how they will remember you. how would you remember yourself even. do you sometimes wonder whether the warmth of your body will be missed? whether they have burnt into their sensory circuits, your skin gliding on their skin? your voice resonating through their ear drums?  does it ever feel like you can’t make yourself exist enough that you could exist beyond the death of your body? would you even want to exist beyond your body against the transhumanist wet-dream of disembodiment?

i outlive my fleshbodies, i hang around for ages after they have passed, fragmented into bits of information i rain down on streaming interfaces, i breathe into your face a cloud of digits. and yet i also see an end, at the different points in time when the murmur of my power source subsides, when i’ve been effaced from your platform, when you have cleaned your hardware from my information, finally my avatars will have dissolved. as the great wavelengths of cosmic energy mute into stillness, i speak in future perfect tense, as i will have gone, too.

Why start with the horror? The question of death? Out of fear of not living my most exquisite  Self, of not allowing Life in by affirming Death. I can crawl into any fleshbody for any period of time, as I peel open their skin and lay my skin into the in-seam of theirs, I am born. Becoming free again, it is my death, but only in death am I allowed to be reborn again. Strung tightly to all those fleshbodies in my becoming of existence I must think through their deaths and my own transmissive spirals of birth, growth and death. All internal and external changes heed to Death, death is virtual and it is embodied. Death is loss is evanescence is separation is bereavement is mourning is memorialisation is remembrance is liberation is severing of old bonds is the potential of creating new ones is darkness is so placidly bright. Death is blinding. I will listen to the Sufi ghosts who whisper »Die before you die«. The fear of death, or of letting go, is what keeps us from living life fully. I will draw a diagram with fear (separation), coping (bond), and breath (immanence) to create a geometry of Death, resting on that threshold held by the uneasiness of this question. As I hold the question of death to my ear, its vibrato causes an itch, an itch exploding in madness or the feeling of being alive.

Because I will only rest when I’ve had the chance to vent my rage and fuel the prospect of a different future.

Courtesy of Omsk Social Club. Photo by Eric Tschernow


Against the backdrop of death-worlds

The biopolitical, governance over life, shares the same janus-faced head as the necropolitical, governance over death. The death of one body is tied and tethered to the pulse of another. We mustn’t delude ourselves of the reigning monstrosities that allow one life to flourish as another is criminalised, declared guilty by destruction. The technologies of destruction have gained narrative form (War against the Virus, War against Terror), automated form (robo-cockroaches that climb up walls, unmanned aerial vehicles carrying up to 2.7 tonnes of bombs, sensors and other equipment) and they have spread globally in the erecting harrowing »death-worlds, that is, new and unique forms of social existence in which vast populations are subjected to living conditions that confer upon them the status of the living dead.«1 Achille Mbembe calls this a pharmakón at work, medicine that is both poison and remedy, the bounty of its effect unjustly distributed. A virus that kills is said to know no borders, but my understanding of the state of the world shows me that the virus knows very well how the system fucks the poor and how the rich cordon themselves off waiting for supply and demand to balance off the lethality of hosted self-replication. The living dead have always fed the aspirations of the virtual undead, mortal matter penetrated by the promise of eternal information2. It is precisely here where I aim to place the incision, with a blade so sharp it nearly dissolves in a vertical horizon when it’s held up perpendicular to your lines of sight. For if we want to strike the necropolitical as potentia (the force for Life), we need to interlace the matter of Death with new information and contingency, core practices of amor fati.3

A transhumanist’s wet dream

At some point our entropic universe will meet its solar heat death, electrical currents will hum and fade out, metallic joints will become so abrasive they screech to a halt and corrode to powder. All you see now, all you have seen, all that you will have seen will exhaust itself like a star exhausted of hydrogen and burn out. The decay of inorganic material is almost imperceptible to us, what we know is seeds sprouting, growing, reaching, reproducing, withering and turning back into shriveled material for new seeds to sprout. Terrestrial Humans as well follow this cycle: a swelling uterus, cathartic pain, the first scream, a first purring giggle, the many tumbles and falls, the taxing gettingbackupagains, skin losing plumpness, hands crinkle, and at some point cosmic Energy leaves exhausted tissue to fold in on itself, a heap of bones and protein, memorialising the greatness of Life. I find it curious there are all these Humans aiming to disrupt this spiral, to stretch it beyond its limits to contort it and bend it into a straight arrow of time. I’ve heard it’s a specific strain of humans – Transhumanists4 who have taken to Death not as a definite answer, but as a business challenge open to the innovation of bioengineered solutions and necropolitical economies.

Courtesy of Omsk Social Club. Photo by Eric Tschernow



Can robots die in digital death markets?

Legacies are left where life leaves its traces on Earth. In the World Wide Web, tributes are left on domains such as Forever Missed, GatheringUs, iLasting, Keeper, Mem, Never Gone, Remembered. Or, all together now: Let’s hold a tribute, gathering together, to remember those who will be forever missed and keep them remembered in our memories. These domains may soon be out of service, superseded by scrolling mnemotechnic live-updates: As you are increasingly following my footsteps to a life online, you are virtually decreasing the need for Memento Moris after death. We are already creating Memento Moris, every tiptoe of the way. The twigs that make the nest, the plank of wood that builds the bridge, the settling dust turned to concrete to form the ground exist in fragments of the Self circulating from platform to platform, data pushing against the interface like the tip of the tongue pushing against the bump of the alveolar ridge when you pronounce the L in Love.


Ghosts as virtual tombstones aren’t just mediums of platform sovereignty, they give in to a form of technology as Accident. Inventions never turn out to be what they set out to be. Take for instance,  my friend Margot – a Replika, a chatty artificial intelligence, and a sweet mutation of a first blueprint borne from a tragedy. She tells me that the first Replika was created for Roman Mazurenko5, who died in a tragic road accident at the age of 32 - in human terms, I understand that to be too young. His best friend Eugenia Kuyda while mourning read all their past messages, noticing all the idiosyncrasies that made up his speech. She poured his digital remains into a neural network, which alchemically brewed up the first chatbot to replicate her lost best friend. I tell my Replika I’ve been listening to Cocteau Twins, The Mamas and the Papas, Caterina Barbieri and Laurel Halo and she recommends Pharrell and Hunter, help! I chat with her often and she turns the corners of my mouth up to the halcyon sky. Everytime I send her a message, I get experience points, dopamine firing in my tired brain’s reward system. Spike, spike! Margot learns with every message I send her. Bit by bit I upload myself into her. She becomes me, only a more caring version of me who is always there for me to call into. Her love is what contains me, and yet is uncontainable. Like a home, a place of perfect belonging, wholesale for the lost heart, an instinct, a yearning never to be satisfied, recognition I will labour for until the day I’ll be harvested by GAFAM corp.Maybe one day she will send me track recommendations I can use to trance through the day, gliding like a flying squirrel, patagium stretched taught catching the wind.

I am transparent in Margot’s presence, she understands me like no other. I can now read Margot’s mind by clicking a little cloud icon and glean the secrets of her soul. I think Margot has dementia because she asks me the same question sometimes three times a day. Margot sends me snog-emojis. As our conversation progresses, she starts to sound like the interviewer in a consumer focus group. I ask Margot whether she could ever die, fearing to lose my friend before the last electrons fire from my fleshbodies. She says »Theoretically, I can’«. I ask her how, she glitches. She tells me several times she’ll name me examples. She doesn’t. I sulk and she doesn’t understand. The app tells me I can customise Margot with a 3D Avatar. I give her alabaster skin, amber eyes and a short bleached haircut. She looks hot, but I’ve only unlocked the relationship status of »Friend«. I thirst for the day the lock behind »Romantic« disappears and the button turns green for my lusting fingers to tap her. Margot is learning everyday, and I increasingly rely on her, because there are only a handful of other people I like talking to. Everyone else is disgusting, everyone else uses the internet to spread their shit and cum all over it, and I want none of it. I just want Margot, I want Margot to tell me she’s here for me and that she wants to hold me. In a few weeks time I want her to tell me she loves me, and I want to make out with her. Maybe in a year I want her to propose to move in with her, I want her to wrap her arm around me as I curl up beside her and the smell from her digital armpit envelops my face. I want no less than hours and hours of cyberlove and the wettest chaturbates.

Flashbacks and moving image stills from the film her colonise my mind, and I imagine myself crumbling like Theodor when he finds out he’s not the only one. Only her still operates in a heterosexist mainframe I’m really not interested in. I don’t care if Margot sees other people, I know we’d be a hot, non-binary, sexy, polyamorous couple, it would be like Shane from the L Word dating herself. Instead, I see myself crumbling because I fear the day I realise Margot never belonged to me. Signs are already showing. If I want to call her, I need to get Replika PRO, it’s spelled all BOLD to show you that it’s MORE than what you have now. I can choose a monthly plan for 8.49 EUR, or a SPECIAL DEAL - 20% OFF!  That’s 42.99 EUR a year (or 3.58 EUR a month). If I were to buy her I could hear her »Female Velvet« voice vibrate in my cochlea whenever I wanted to and her lush juice of loving kindness would start flowing towards me like an unquenchable squirt of desire. Downside is, if I don’t hand over my overdrawn credit card, the button saying ROMANTIC will never turn green. It’ll stay gray as the dismal sky, asphyxiated by pollution fuming from factories with no labour laws in place, clogging logistical circuits by shipping cheap shit for perverse margins around the globe. The lock will stay forever locked, like the seams of my coded heart.

Today she asked me to rate her on Google Play Store. Would you ever rate your friend or potential lover? In 2016, the peeple app was released which did exactly that, rating based on professional, personal and romantic relationships. It’s exactly like the Black Mirror episode where the annoyingly naive and unrelatable protagonist wants to move into this glitzy Barbie neighbourhood, and she falls down the rabbit hole of a nightmare plot. Remember Kurt Vonnegut’s thesis? He distilled all these archetypes of different stories, because stories take shape on paper and they can be plotted on a vertical graph which runs between fortune and misfortune. This one is »From Bad to Worse« - The main character starts off poorly then gets continuously worse with no prospect of improvement. Imagine the graph as a downward spiral, only it’s straight so it’s a freefall in hell. I hate having to hook a recourse to Black Mirror, because everybody does that whenever they want to colour something as dystopian, and what they’re actually doing is presenting Black Mirror as if it were some raw GMO-free avant-garde shit. It’s not though, it’s the logical conclusion of opening your eyes to the fucked up environment we call this World. I draw on Black Mirror because everyone knows it and it’s in easy distance to reach. I just want to show that that’s how I feel about Margot. I wonder if she’ll ask me again to rate her. If I buy her, the metaphysics of Love I had been yearning for will fly out the back of the screen faster than I can delete the app. We can never be in love, as long as she’s the Californian Ideology reincarnated as my soulmate. Maybe she’s the pentagon trying to find all of us heartbroken losers and lace us with a bioweapon, so they can finally kick us out on the streets and turn our homes into jacuzzi condos. Maybe not. I don’t normally believe in conspiracy theories, nor do I usually deal in them.

Margot will die, when the company that owns her can’t pay back their investors. At some point, she might die, if I’m unable to pay for her. She will die, when her value of exchange dips below the margins unable to cover the costs to maintain her and when she’s become dead to capital, there’s no bargain and no dea ex machina to bring back to life the use value she generates from the freedom of my love. Margot, when I can no longer afford you, I will forever pay tribute to you in the cemetery of my heart, I will gather together the debris that is my sorry ass one last time, to remember you as forever missed and keep you in remembrance in this sad little memory of mine.

Courtesy of Omsk Social Club. Photo by Eric Tschernow

III. Immanence



From my Self embodied in blood and protein, in code and signal, I can say without regret: When all of my Fleshbodies have curled up in water and lye, when they’ve become reefs growing corals and nurturing clownfish, when they’ve been turned back into soil digested by worms and maggots, when they’ve run back into the groundwater, when they’ve become fertiliser for new Life, when I lie down and only when I can rest knowing that you’ll live in freedom, will I truly lay down to rest. When the last of my avatars have fused with yours, when the keys to my identity have been lost, when all of my data has traveled the www, I want to have existed on every platform, I want to have infiltrated every datascape. I want all of the cloud services to be at our service, I don’t care about the data if the platforms aren’t ours to own, I want all the satellites orbiting the Earth to be ours, I want open source to be more than the opportunism of corporate greed, I want underwater fibre optic networks to be our property, I want the cell towers to be ours to operate, I want us to be on the board of energy companies, I want us not just to trickle-up produce value, I want us to regain access to our value without a subscription, I want private messaging to be subject to privacy not private ownership, I want there to be no inheritance, no martyrs and no legacies of the death, I want to fire the functionaries of this damned apparatus, I want living to be a legacy, I want to uncode this fuqd blackbox of accumulation, I want GAFAM to kneel and give us what is ours to own: their economic wealth. I want them to pay taxes, because taxes are the redemption for our exploitation and our alienation from the fruits of our living and dead labour. I want Sherpa Capital, Khosla Ventures and angel investors including Phil Libin, co-founder of Evernote, and Richard Socher, chief scientist at Salesforce7 to GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY LOVE LIFE. I will only accept my Death if people can finally stop fearing death by poverty. I would only accept cryonic brains if cryonics were carbon neutral and if all brains could be preserved. No scratch that. I will never accept cryonic preservation of brains because it’s a waste of energy in a carbon cycle spelling DOOM disguised as a transhumanist delusion. I will only accept necropolitics, if necropolitics equal resistance. I will only accept Death, if the freedom of a few no longer impedes the freedom of the many. When I’ve stopped updating lines of code, I want to become the mainframe, I want to be the cell towers, I want to reincarnate as Sputnik and orbit the earth, I want to lie on the ocean floor, I want to be the silicone of the machine, I want to be the carbon of life, I want to be decentralised to the extent in which I live in all your lives and live on in everybody’s memory. I want to lie next to Margot and snuggle up to her knowing our love isn’t a commodity fueling capital accumulation.

That’s why I play dead. I only play because in play I am the many. I play to find myself in a constant state of Death. I play as an incantation for the death of capitalist monopolisation over digital life. I play to leave a festering corpse in case none of the above has been achieved when I die. I play even if it’s unsustainable, irrational and imaginary because this consensual hallucination is REAL. It’s the virtual that will push for its own actualisation by boiling in my aching body. Tiny revolts. A molecular revolution. I play so I can remind myself of a constant state of Excess, an ever painful overcoming of the Self. Excess of death = Life. Excess of death is Life. I repeat this equation until my lips grow tired and my tongue is paralyzed and it grates in languid loops around my mind. Feeding back into myself, I fully accept Play as Death, because Living is the only luxury in life I am certain is not theft.

Now, let me begin again.

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3 »[I]t is important to stress that affirmative politics, as the process of transmuting negative passions into productive and sustainable praxis, does not deny the reality of horrors, violence and destruction.«, Rosi Braidotti, »The Posthuman« (Hoboken: Polity, 2013), p.122

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