What to Do in Vienna This Week

Tilman Hornig »GlassPhone Stille Nacht No. 3«, 2020.

Essentials June 21–June 27

The »Weekly Essentials« present our top picks of the most exciting events and exhibition openings you shouldn’t miss this week.

Monday, June 21


»Eco Flirt«
What forms of recording can art outline when it comes to sketching a new concept of »environment«? In this exhibition, several groups of students from the Academy of Fine Arts will address different levels and dimensions of the perception of environments and show their results and proposals. Soft opening every Monday. This week: Stone & Slime.
Smolka Contemporary
Lobkowitzplatz 3,1010 

Tuesday, June 22

Opening Special Recommendation
Ani Gurashvili »The interstices of that melancholy«
Hosted by Ernst Yohji Jäger
Westbahnstraße, 1070 – Please contact the artist to get the exact adress 

Jura Shust »Neophyte II«I
In the artist’s new film a group of young people go through a series of mysterious rituals that reference pagan myths as well as purposeless pastimes of contemporary youth. The forest becomes a shelter for magical and partisan forces, a space of non-linearity and freedom. As a temporal community, a brigade or a gang, they seek autonomy and protection against a hostile political order.
Elisabethstrasse 24, 1010 

Hanna Besenhard »Jollydays«
WUK Kunstzelle
Währinger Straße 59, 1090

Lecture Performance Online 
Jeremy Wade »Love Is Not Romance, honey!«
As part of the pre-programme for the Angewandte Festival 2021 Jeremy Wade aka The Battlefield Nurse will lead a participatory intervention, a fake political ritual repositioning love as a hyper relational ethic.
Platz vor dem Bundesamtsgebäude, 1090

Wednesday, June 23

»Hoisted With Our Own Petard«
Brigitte Kowanz gathers this year’s graduating students of Transmediale Kunst (University of Applied Arts Vienna), for an exhibition in the gallery spaces of Krinzinger Schottenfeld. With works by Rosa Anschütz, Tatjana Borodin, Raphael Haider, Alex Kasses, Lukas Maria Kaufmann, Sebastian Koeck, Leonhard Münch, Leonard Prochazka, Felix Helmut Wagner, Anna Zilahi.
Krinzinger Schottenfeld
Schottenfeldgasse 45, 1070

Performance Wiener Festwochen
Wichaya Artamat / For What Theatre »FOUR DAYS IN SEPTEMBER (THE MISSING COMRADE)« 
It was during the course of the revolution of 1932 that Thailand – or Siam as it was still called at the time – first acquired a constitution. In thies piece finely crafted dialogues imperceptibly interlock the private with the political, reflecting the anxiety of the public mood. Additional dates: June 24/25/26 
brut nordwest 
Nordwestbahnstraße 8-10, 1200

Thursday, June 24

Creative Cluster »Open House«
Viktor-Christ-Gasse 10, 1050

Last Chance
Julija Zaharijević »Silver Lane«
Fendigasse 26, 1050

Friday, June 25

Performance Special Recommendation
Florentina Holzinger »TANZ«
With a cast of women between the ages of twenty and eighty, all of whom have different backgrounds in dance, »TANZ« raises the question of the legacy of dance. How can the cult of beauty inherent in this tradition be reconciled? Read our Interview with Florentina Holzinger and our review of the premiere in 2019. Additonal dates: June 26/27
Tanzquartier Wien
Museumsplatz 1, 1070

Spark Art Fair Vienna
The debut edition is featuring solo presentations by challenger and established artists with an international scope and will offer curated sections led by Sabine Breitwieser, Tevž Logar and Marlies Wirth. Watch out for the contributions by Birke Gorm (Cory Nielsen), Nschotschi Haslinger (EXILE), Irina Lotarevich (SOPHIE TAPPEINER), Ida Szigethy (VIN VIN), Malte Zander (Gallery AAAA), Edin Zenun and Tilman Horning (both Zeller van Almsick).

»Open Plan Living«
A collective and ongoing building process and attempt of care taking. The Artists became builders and gardeners of a structure that refuses to be fully defined. 
Academy of Fine Arts. Sculpture Studios
Kurzbauergasse 9, 1020

Saturday, June 26

Concert Special Recommendation
This edition is featuring an EP release show by Augsburger Messer, concerts by Positive Life Force, CKS and DJs sets by Haskiii and Jung an Tagen.
Location will be announced soon – no reservation needed

Salon skug on wheels with Mermaid & Seafruit
Inner courtyard of the Wiener Linien office building
Erdbergstraße 202, 1030

Sama Recordings pres. »s c h w e b e n № 3«
With live performances by Terz Nervosa and Dino Spiluttini plus a DJ set by Yuzu
U-Bahnbogen 37-38, 1080

Sunday, June 27

Želimir Žilnik »Stara mašina (Oldtimer)«
The aged rocker Igor works as a journalist and DJ at the »Radio Študent« in Ljubljana. He notices that the janitor Miha works for the police, tapping the walls and observing the journalists who are critical of the regime. The screening takes place in cooperation with Kunsthalle Wien.
Österreichisches Filmmuseum
Augustinerstraße 1, 1010


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