Watch the Video Trailer of Tim Plamper’s »Security III (Tiger)«

»O. On. Off. Open. Overdrive. Overcoming. Entgrenzung. Überschreitung. Tiger.«

Tim Plamper’s first public performance is based on his earlier drawings. They comprise chains of text and diagrammatic imagery, and create an oneiric dimension that gives birth to the blue figure, Tiger, who operates as the symbolic link between the two worlds of animality and society. The question of potentiality and control gains currency in Plamper’s paper-based and performative works. When drawings originate an immersive event, the line between imagination and the real is shifted, and replaced with a fluid corporeal order.

Piercing in its aesthetics, the performance »Security III (Tiger)« generates sharply-cued passages. At first, there are gimmick sunglasses, glass bottles, and artificial nails. Insa Langhorst assists Tim Plamper’s unfolding into the avatar Tiger. After painting Plamper’s body, Langhorst moves to the DJ switchboard, from which she expands the performance with words, techno rhythms, and fog. Over more than two hours, Plamper and Langhorst perform together: her voice and the sound of electronic music surround his naked body, covered in blue opaque layers. One scene flows into another, unleashing new traces. There is no break. Two cameramen record every detail of the ephemeral actions. The audience is left to its own devices. Nothing is concealed; instead, »surveillance« intrudes into the scene in the form of a security guard, interrupting the flow of the performance. A bulky man in uniform fights with Plamper over the invisible boundary which he must not cross. Again and again, the guard prevents the artist from performing his natural reactions. The Tiger craves specific terms and concepts which he attempts to write onto a steel surface. The words’ black dripping signals a cascade of meanings. Tension builds up inside the space. Strobe light effects are followed by almost complete darkness. – Lisa Moravec

Performers: Tim Plamper, Insa Langhorst, Nicolas Blanchadell
Sound: Insa Langhorst
Security: Pavel Havlíček
Styling: Giulia Ottavia Frattini
Photography: Michal Ureš
3D / AR: Yannick Harter
Performed at NoD Gallery in Prague on the occasion of Tim Plamper’s solo exhibition »EXIT II (The Beloved Dies)«.

Tim Plamper, film stills from »Security III (Tiger)«, 2021.


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