Premiere: PRICE »Under His Breath«

»PRICE measures reality with melody, tonal plasticity and vocal experiment, instead of lyrics. The album pays tribute to those who did not grow up speaking English but were nonetheless bombarded with it. PRICE is a child phonetically repeating what it doesn’t understand. But the child isn’t innocent, it is contaminated from the start.« – Stefa Govaart

PRICE is a fictional character created by Mathias Ringgenberg, a multidisciplinary artist working with performance, music, video and installation. Equally, PRICE is also a construct being used to interrogate ideas around the body, language, the cyclical patterns of the Earth and the existential conundrums which humanity faces in the information age. His voice is the nexus of his music. But it’s also an album steeped in curiosity and the desire to play with space, tempo and rhythm.

In »Under His Breath«, spherical layers follow a yearning a capella to end in a reconstruction of baroque composition, culminating in the eternal tension of an earthy, historically charged sound of acoustic instrumentation.

On his debut album Sequences (True Sentiments) PRICE collaborated with PC Music affiliate Cecile Believe, Swiss composers and sound artists Tobias Koch and Modulaw, and pianist Sebastian Hirsig. It will be released on December 9 on the Paris based label Latency, which also assembles Laura Halo, Tirzah or Lafawndah in its catalog. The release is framed by a concert at the Pinault Collection / Bourse de Commerce auditorium in Paris.

Photo by Reto Schmid


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