Premiere: oxhy ft. Thoom »Distorted Voices«

Photo by Susu Laroche

In their immersive duet, Oxhy and Thoom flee into the noise of contemporary gothic to find solace in disorientated sounds.

As founder of the London collective xquisite and frequent collaborator of Elysia Crampton or Yves Tumor, music producer oxhy has been part of the electronic music community in London for quite a while.

On thier debut LP oxhy is imagining what might constitute a darker folk music that could survive the cataclysm of capitalism with using raucous field recordings that seem eternal, gleefull and cherished at the same time.

woodland dance is released on March 8 and contains appearances by the likeminded companions Cecilia, Dæmon and Felix Lee.

Cover photo by Susu Laroche


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