Premiere: Hunt »Brocken Spectre (feat. Důn)« [Amen]

Photo by Juni-Nyusta Ruckendorfer

A new beginning: a transition from feelings of uncertainty to one of a brighter future, while holding onto hope during the process.

Hunt, the founder of Amen Records, explores various sound worlds such as shoegaze, alternative rock, ambient/drone and electronica in his debut release. At the core of the EP is his forward-thinking label’s philosophy of collapsing the boundaries between these categories.

»Brocken Spectre« was produced in a 7-hour session with Důn and reflects a sense of euphoria with its pop appeal. It was one of the main inspirations for the artwork by Emmanuel Troy, which depicts a great sunrise that lights up the entire landscape, just as the track brings feelings of joy and brightness to the EP.

Each track of »Inalienable Lights of White Tomorrows« can be seen as a snapshot of various stops on the road of emotional transformation through the beginning and end of the recent lockdowns: while ever evolving noise and drone fills the background of melancholic guitar riffs in the first half of the EP, it steadily, but nonlinearly, transitions into bright, high-pitched lead synths, soothing melodies, and upbeat drum patterns.

The EP is set for release on September 10 2021.

Photo by Juni-Nyusta Ruckendorfer
Mastering by Maximilian Paul Simon Kritsch


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