Premiere: Frederik Valentin »Magic«

Photo by Jonas Thaysen

»A reference to childhood, to be enchanted by the invisible and make dead things come alive.« Copenhagen’s quietly iconoclastic Frederik Valentin is about to share the second half of his twofold album.

After collaborations with Loke Rahbek, Hannes Norrvide or Yean Lean and the internationally acclaimed Cullberg Ballet, Valentin returns to the cult label Posh Isolation with a two-part release, which marks his first solo work in six years. »This is the space between becoming a father and losing my mother. All within one year, the space between zero and one.«, says Valentin on the realese. These two thematic points are rendered in exquisitely gentle meditations on the quavering beauty.
»Magic« charms with graceful and elegiac instrumentation as the song miraculously stretches time to infinity.

0011000 is released on February 19.

Photo by Jonas Thaysen


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