Premiere: Europa & Amoxi »Morgana«

Finding that tiny sweet touch of melancholic bliss: The collaboration of Europa and Amoxi is a harbinger of hope.

How does the world of music and memory recover from separation? Through years of mutual musical influence, both artists have created a world that works its way through various genres into a transformative snapshot of time.

Whereas Europas sound would normally rather identify in club music, Amoxi is bringing a calm, yet frighteningly disturbing atmosphere to the table. Emerged from a collaborative practice, where tracks by both artists have been sent back and forth, creating an associative way of telling a story through sound, culminating in the album »Of Cows and Fences«. The name of the release creates a hybrid causality between music as the mundane and seemingly simplicity of pain and the ghostly outside. Both factors endlessly relate to each other and create a background, on which the songs romp and transform.

»Of Cows and Fences« will released on July 2.

Photos by Europa (left) & Amoxi (right)


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