Premiere: Belia Winnewisser »Peaceful Darkness«

Photo by Claude Gasser

Between gentle soundscapes and brutal salvos – the music of Belia Winnewisser is a enthralling full-body experience and equal parts pop as sound art.

»The track starts with a hardcore-like bass, followed by this kind of RnB voice, and ends with a sort of choir as well as light melodies: from the dark back to the light.« – Belia Winnewisser

Few share the Swiss artist’s knack for combining a sensibility to the enthusiastic potential of pop with an interest in niche references of experimental sound design. In recent years, her feel for this fusion brought BeliaWinnewisser to the attention of the electronic club music scene. This world and the various genres related to it leave their mark on her next release SODA. The album will released on July 2 via the Lucerne-based Präsens Editionen, the label and plattform that was found to give home to zweikommasieben Magazin.

Photo by Claude Gasser


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