Our Favorite »Struma+Iodine Podcast Series« Episodes to Date

Artwork by Lion Sauterleute

Curated with care by Shilla Strelka, the mix series speak to an affective community, seeking translational movements between euphoria and longing.

The founder of Unsafe+Sounds Festival, who is responsible among other things for bringing artists such as Caterina Barbieri and Kara-Lis Coverdale to Vienna for her concert and club series Struma+Iodine, has now expanded her curatorial concept to include a mix series.

So far, 30 episodes have already been released on SoundCloud, positioning acts from Vienna like Nachtbote or DJ Gusch alongside international acts like Swan Meat, Kate NV and Angel-Ho. With many artists to watch like rkss joining the heterogeneous list, it was hard to pick out individual episodes, but the following three somehow particularly caught our fancy:

Antonia XM

Once through the internet and back again. Antonia XM, co-founder of the vicious and being ahead label Ashida Park, known for her Opera-like sets, has collected the most heartbreaking tones and mixed them into a soft soundscape full with kitschy textures. »Lonely yet cute«, as she puts it herself, fusing the heavy chords of Know V.A. or ccontrary with the cuddling ballads by Organ Tapes. It’s time for spring.


The hour of Haskii, the musician alias of artist/designer Milica Balubdžić Juster, immediately swallows you into a landscape of atmospheric sounds, where Tujiko Noriko soundtrack compositions intertwine with pieces by Robert Henke or Carl Stone.

Lorenzo Senni

To be fair, you would listen to this mix of the post-art-whatever-trance king either way, but we can’t resist to include this genre packed episode in our list. It just puts you into to many honest moods: from melancholic to euphoric, from futuristic to nostalgic, from soulful to suspenseful. Besides pubescent punk guitar riffs there are even some kick drums!

Artwork by Lion Sauterleute
Signation by Jung An Tagen


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