Watch the Video Trailer of Thanos Frydas »True Blue«

»True Blue«, Film still.

»True love You’re the one. I’m dreaming of Your heart fits me like a glove And I’m gonna be true blue, baby, I love you. Cause it’s True…« – Madonna, 1986

»True Blue« created by Berlin-based performance artist Thanos Frydas explores the frustrations that arise from intimate relationships and our thirst for connection. Could we claim that from Plato’s premodern philosophical quest of Eros in Symposium to dating apps’ algorithmic »magic« of late capitalism, the search of the sublime object of love is a transhistorical phenomenon? Why do we anticipate from ephemeral encounters with strangers the promise to find something we lack? Two dancers and two musicians are trying to discover an artistic vocabulary to narrate the very common story of our illusion of oneness with the beloved in a »world that strives to remain a great enchanted garden«. The choreography is inspired from a circular Greek folk dance in 12 steps and the performance includes a traditional song, sung in the style of lamentations – moirologi.

Concept and Direction: Thanos Frydas
Co-created by Luka Aron, Ronald Berger
Performers: Fabian Willmann, Luka Aron, Ronald Berger, Thanos Frydas
Music: Luka Aron
Clarinet: Fabian Willmann
Scenography: Marcelo Alcaide for A.CO with Ottolinger, Frederik Fialin
Dramaturgy: Christina Pitiakoudi
Photo and Video: Agustín Farias
HMU: Ana Lima
Voice recording: Leah Marojevic
Special thanks to Mindaugas Patapas
Presented at Hosek Contemporary in Berlin in June 2021.
Part of the performance was developed during a residency at Trauma Bar und Kino.

Thanos Frydas, film stills from »True Blue«, 2021


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