Video Premiere: Doll Face ft. Cousin »Bel Air«


A trip into nature turns into an ecstatic feverish dream: Doll Face, formerly known as Dorothy Parker, shares individual moments of pure catharsis with her lead single.

»The idea for ›Bel Air‹ emerged from a performance that dancer Luke Fierce, choreographer Francisco Baños Diaz, vocalist Cousin and I showed together in spring 2020 at the Balance Club / Culture Festival. ›Bel Air‹ has thus become an independent story in its own right. The video peaks in a cathartic moment, which the protagonists experience in different ways,« says the former resident DJ for the Cry Baby series (Institut für Zukunft, Leipzig), who also collaborated with the art collective SEXES.

Doll Face began producing music after moving to Berlin in 2018. Her debut EP CAKE celebrates the daily uprising – it is a radical and emotional manifesto and furious liberation. It will be released on December 4 by the newly founded label acting in concert.

Video credits: Anja Kaiser, Cousin, Doll Face, Felix Schütze, Francisco Baños Diaz, Katharina Merten, Lila Steinkampf, Luke Fierce

Photo by Nuša Hernavs


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