Video Premiere: »Dance in Isolation ›Urgency of Techno Dance‹«

Video still from »Dance in Isolation ›Urgency of Techno Dance‹«.

Initiated by Sophia Hörmann, the digital dance piece »Dance in Isolation ›Urgency of Techno Dance‹« uses the universal language of dance to overcome boundaries in isolation.

These days we spend a lot of time sitting at home. But some simply cannot sit still like the dancers in Sophia Hörmann’s project »Dance in Isolation ›Urgency of Techno Dance‹«. The digital dance piece combines mini choreographies and aims to raise attention for freelance performers. Sophia Hörmann considers networking and visibility to be particularly urgent right now. She was inspired by Bogomir Doringer’s exhibition Dance of Urgency which opened almost exactly one year ago at frei_raum Q21.

»Dance in Isolation ›Urgency of Techno Dance‹« achieves what seems impossible today: to create a community. When theatre migrates to the internet and fights for survival with different strategies, dance seems to be the most appropriate way to connect people. Sixteen dancers in four different cities share a rhythm and unite their individual movements to create a vibrant whole that overcomes national borders and loneliness in isolation.

A collaboration of Sophia Hörmann (AT) & Adolfo Garcia (ES)
Idea, video editing: Sophia Hörmann
Sound design: Adolfo Garcia
Performers: Lau Lukkarila (Vienna), Nora Scherer (Vienna), Robyn Hugo Le Brigand (Vienna), Sebastiano Sing (Vienna), Steffi Wieser (Vienna), Veza Fernandez (Vienna), Alexandru Cosarca (Vienna), Karin Pauer (Vienna), Jolyane Langlois (Vienna), Magdalena Chowaniec (Vienna), Sophia Hörmann (Vienna), Giulia Di Guardo (Lyon), Mona Louisa Melinka Hempel (Berlin), Calendal Hempel (Berlin), Dennis Kopp (Berlin), Sigrid Mathiassen (Amsterdam)


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