Up and Down the Heels: DWMC Performative Display

Video still from »Up and Down the Heels: DWMC performative display« as part of »Ups and Downs of a Flipped Planet«, curated by Chiara Vecchiarelli, Galerie Hubert Winter, Vienna, 2020. Video by Felix Vollmann

»Up and Down the Heels: DWMC performative display« is a distilled set of gestures that unfolded inside the exhibition curated by Chiara Vecchiarelli at Galerie Hubert Winter.

Broken heels found in Ghana by Jojo Gronostay fell off shoes sent from Europe and ended up in the hands of Anna Franceschini’s performers. Up, rather than down, dislocating the distance between our feet and the ground, us and this planet to the walls, the necks, the knees. The space breaths, the heels fall down. They will inhabit the space where they fell, like clothes fallen on the floor a moment before making love, like water filling a pond after spinning counterwise at the other end of the planet. – Chiara Vecchiarelli

Choreography: Anna Franceschini
Performance artists: Meltem Rukiye Calisir, Jessica Comis, Chris Attilia Izák, Jana Jess, Juan Vera, Pia Wu, Zoé-Afan Strasser
Clothes: Dead White Mens Clothes
Styling: Jojo Gronostay & Luna Mae Heflin
Casting: Jojo Gronostay
Sound: Melchior Mahot
Video: Felix Vollmann


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