Premiere: Varg2™ & Exploited Body »Etsin Turvaa (I Promise This Will Be The Last Time)«

The collaborative meeting between Northern Electronics’ head and multidisciplinary artist Noah Kin is a scalding mess of sweat and suspicion.

Jointly recorded in Helsinki, the EP around »Etsin Turvaa (I Promise This Will Be The Last Time)« fuses the morbid mechanics of Varg2™’s stroboscopic dread with the pyretic catharsis of the ascending club-born flares of Exploited Body, who runs the promising label Changeless. The second single from their first joint project unfolds an out-of-control spiral from elegant core to rough and hypnotic bass lines.

»Etsin Turvaa« will be released on December 4 on Northern Electronics.

Photo courtesy of the artists


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