Premiere: Sin Maldita »You’re Trouble«

Infernal, androgynous avant-garde pop, inspired by experimental club music, trying to strike an sinister chord between abrasiveness and accessibility.

Sin Maldita is the new alias of Berlin-based producer and artist Tim Roth, who celebrates the space between chaos and form in »You’re Trouble« and finds relief in the imperfection and the in-between full of jagged and beautiful chaotic emotions.

»The track is not really explicitly directed at anyone or anything. Many things can cause difficulties, but the title is not intended as an accusation. In a way, I mean this sentence in an appreciative way – it’s good to admit or recognize and even communicate that something means trouble and that maybe something has to change,« Tim Roth characterizes the title song of his debut album, co-written by Fabian Altstötter aka Jungstötter, who also contributes his voice and writing skills to another track on the release.

Having already released two records of oniric ambient music on Martin Hossbach as 1K Flowers, Tim Roth is currently assisting Eliza Douglas with the music design for an upcoming performance with Anne Imhof at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris.

Sin Maldita’s album will be released on the newly founded Berlin art platform and record label Unguarded on November 27.

Cover art by Nino Mombr


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