Premiere: Adammmmmmmmmmmm »Th3gardn«

Photo by Noelle Sands

Acceleration and saturation: The Boston-based artist with 12 m’s creates a detuned synth stab pandaemonium.

»An affectively charged tangle of sounds that fabulates fragmented worlds, reminding us that the individual is a product of the collective.«

The first single »Th3gardn« from Adammmmmmmmmmmm’s new album fuses euphoric dance music arpeggios and vocal snippets that were wrenched from the pop-punk autotune-emo-sad-boy continuum at an advanced point of synthesis. The album »Ok im real i think« will be released on June 7 via Genot Centre.

Photo by Noelle Sands, edited by adammmmmmmmmmmm


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