»Even My Dreams Don’t Go Outside« Is out Now!

Cover artwork by Jennifer Mehigan

New music and visual works compiled and curated by AQNB span the range of emotional responses to a global crisis from warped and ambient melancholy to vocally driven hardware noise.

The download-only compilation presents contributions from artists who have been recently featured on the London and Los Angeles-based editorial platform AQNB, as well as from those that have shaped the definition of contemporary culture. It is inspired by the endless scroll of introspection that defines the day-to-day life of living in self-isolation and is meant to build positive momentum for the scene and financial support for the artists involved: 650mAh with Spaghetti Club, Aircode, Alexander Iezzi, candlelight (fka Julietta Ferrari), Dasychira, Elvin Brandhi, Emma Pryde, Fauness, Heith, Kelman Duran & Ans M, Keru Not Ever, Philip Hinge, Rui Ho, ssaliva, and Tea Stražičić.

Cover artwork by Jennifer Mehigan


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