What to Do in Vienna This Week

Malte Zander, Fire will melt ice, but then the melted ice will put out the fire (like in Superman III), 2019. Courtesy of the artist

Essentials November 25 - December 1

The »Weekly Essentials« present our top picks of the most exciting events and exhibition openings you shouldn’t miss this week.

Tuesday - November 26

Helium Ecstasy
Galerie Kandlhofer opens an exhibition by Alina Kunitsyna, who seeks her inspiration in current pop culture, but always in the context of capricious allegories that capture the confusion of life.

Wednesday - November 27

Nina Könnemann, Charlotte Prodger & Eduardo Williams
In mumok cinema, Melanie Ohnemus introduces works by three filmmakers who assert subjective observation in everyday life under the premise of identity and socio-political questions.

Thursday - November 28

Kunsthalle Wien Prize 2019
Nina Vobruba and Malte Zander have both developed comprehensive extensions of their diploma projects into an exhibition format at Kunsthalle Wien. For example, Malte Zander stages a large projection of supposedly found film material.

Tania El Khoury »Gardens Speak« at brut in der Galerie Die Schöne. Photo by Jesse Hunniford

Gardens Speak
In her installation at brut in der Galerie Die Schöne, Tania El Khoury presents fragments by Syrians whose families were forced to bury their killed loved ones in their own gardens.

Celestial Sorrow
Departing from possession and implanted fictional traumas, Meg Stuart and Jompet Kuswidananto create a vibrant world of light and movement at TQW, inhabited by three performers and two musicians.

The Future is Female IV
On two evenings at Venster 99, both feministic and antifascist musical acts such Laut Fragen, Absatz1, Matte/Glossy, Krach, Euroteuro, and Gal Code will be presented.

Entkunstung III
No rave, no read: Anne High, DJ WarLove, and Luca Carlotta will play at Rhiz to support Entkunstung in financing its third yearbook. You can also help them by coming!

Friday - November 29

Loggia Inauguration
For the opening of its first exhibition space in Vienna, Loggia shows works by Melanie Ebenhoch, Laura Hinrichsmeyer, Irina Lotarevich, Ivan Pérard, Martyn Reynolds, and Laurence Sturla.

Ever After
In his exhibition at Shore gallery, Julian-Jakob Kneer explores the intersections of love and death and the gamifications of the human condition.

ImPulsTanz and mumok present a piece by Doris Uhlich, in which the image of women is questioned, which the performers themselves embody on one side, but want to shift on the other.

Disagreeable Body
At project space School, Mary Helena Clark, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Josh Minkus, and Beny Wagner explore the expressive body as a political unit, a fleshy machine that produces work and waste.

Barrelling at ya from the land down under, Partiboi69 is coming to Vienna with pony-tail, and new balance 624’s in tow, to appear at Opera Club.

Dead Mall Radio
Dead Mall Radio has invited Mapalma from Zagreb to Rrr for musical entertainment, as well as Amblio, co-founder of Ashida Park, and Rovan & AL.

Saturday - November 30

Bock auf Stadtbahnbögen
Two magnificent guitar bands by the name of Vague and Caged Wolves go on stage at Venster 99 to support the refugee project Ute Bock.

Titus Bells
Titus Probst packs an entire decade into his synth music with an emotional monument of sharp lyrics and vibrating sound carpets. Besides him, On Bells will also give a concert at B72.

Fish Market
Meat Market have fulfilled their long-cherished wish and booked the Croatian artist Insolate to Grelle Forelle. Also starring Gerald VDH, Scirox, Florian Kaltstrom, Joanish, and Foere.

Social Contact
Common Contact and In Dada Social put the nail in the coffin and present Absent Father, Amblio, DJ Angel, DJ Hauswein, Frau Chef, Katana, Ko1fin, Śārka, and Schirin at Venster 99.


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