What to Do in Vienna This Week

Charlotte Prodger, from: BRIDGIT, 2016, Courtesy Charlotte Prodger & LUX, London

Essentials November 18 - 24

The »Weekly Essentials« present our top picks of the most exciting events and exhibition openings you shouldn’t miss this week.

Tuesday - November 19

Wild Spoerri Rosenstein
Adam Szymczyk’s project »Principle of Equality« culminates in an exhibition including works by Elisabeth Wild, Daniel Spoerri, and Erna Rosenstein at Hotel am Brillantengrund.

Eiko Gröschl & Barbara Hainz
Pina presents an exhibition with works by the two artists Eiko Gröschl and Barbara Hainz, who have recently graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

Photoromans: Mythes & Clichés
Ermes-Ermes invites you to the exhibition by the post-conceptual artist Nicole Gravier, whose preferred tool is photography.

Euphoric Presence
In her performance at Galerie Jünger, Elisabeth von Samsonow devotes the time to an ontological search for the truth that ends in an explosion.

Wednesday - November 20

So Fresh On Top, So Rotten Below
Vin Vin presents the second solo exhibition by Saskia Te Nicklin, whose artistic practice pursues a clumsy and playful quality, subtly addressing certain topics.

Nina Könnemann, Charlotte Prodger & Eduardo Williams
In mumok cinema, Melanie Ohnemus introduces works by three filmmakers who assert subjective observation in everyday life under the premise of identity and socio-political questions.

Kunsthalle Wien showcases a live performance by Peter Rehberg, one of the leading figures of the experimental music scene, who also provided the sound for »Time Is Thirsty«.

Thursday - November 21

Malady of the Infinite
Eva Grubinger’s exhibition at Belvedere 21 draws a picture of structural inequality, of infinite desire without the prospect of satisfaction for rich and poor, magnate and pirate.

Guided tour
Forms Larger and Bolder
Curator Manuela Ammer guides through the exhibition »Forms Larger and Bolder: EVA HESSE DRAWINGS from the Allen Memorial Art Museum at Oberlin College« at mumok.

Danza Permanente & Captiva
DD Dorvillier and Zeena Parkins have translated compositional structures and tonal qualities of the score into dance movements. Parkins also presents her latest composition at TQW.

Struma + Iodine
Shilla Strelka has invited Hiro Kone, Steve Hauschildt, Floris Vanhoof, Max Eilbacher, Primm, and I-H to Rhiz for the seventh anniversary of her concert series for experimental music.

Friday - November 22

Tala Madani, Ron Nagle & Lisa Holzer
As usual, the Secession comes up with three new exhibitions, but unusually on a Friday: Tala Madani’s »Shit Moms«, Ron Nagle’s »Nocturn Around«, and Lisa Holzer’s »What carries you?«.

The Slow Dawn
Rather intrepid, artist-run space Stiege 13 presents a solo exhibition of Chin Tsao, who states, »You, ghost of alienation. Your fear is true real.«

In this intervention at Koenig 2, actor Philipp Hochmair and artist Manfred Peckl meet for the first time to negotiate art, space, each other and themselves in an extralingual dialogue.

Saturday - November 23

Rrr hosts a Goldgelb Records label night with Conny Frischauf, Akrüül, Fabio Bianco, Paul Ebhart, Reboot Joy, and Kobermann.

Dives Album Release Show
Far more than just a concert: Dives not only celebrate their new album at fluc, but also feature eight different bands who will cover each other: Farce, Fauna, Clara Luzia, Pauls Jets, Tents, Culk, Just Friends and Lovers, and Euroteuro. Wow!


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