What to Do in Vienna This Week

»Green Hands and Other Performances« at Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz. Sylvia Palacios Whitman performing Green Hands (1977). Photo by Babette Mangolte

Essentials November 11 - 17

The »Weekly Essentials« present our top picks of the most exciting events and exhibition openings you shouldn’t miss this week.

Tuesday - November 12

Nine Buildings, Stripped
In his exhibition at Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz, Andreas Fogarasi focuses on points of contact between visual culture and social reality. What do society, politics, or history »look like«?

Happiness: An Appropriation
Starting from video work of Marie Christine Camus, and a drawing by Carla Rippey, Carlos Palacios’ show focuses on an archive of found images from the Internet at Heumühlgasse 2.

Wednesday - November 13

WhaT, HoW and for WHoM
Exhibition and documentation: Sabina Sabolović talks about the eponymous exhibition at Kunsthalle Exnergasse in 2001 and Nabila Irshaid interprets the title with an artistic intervention.

Thursday - November 14

100th Birthday of Maria Lassnig
Film Museum presents Maria Lassnig’s complete work for the first time in 16 mm copies. A two-day international symposium provides insights into the origins and context of Lassnig’s art.

»It’s in the darkest of times that the cause for celebration seems greatest.« Sophie Tappeiner presents Jala Wahid’s first solo exhibition in the gallery.

The Year Off & European Interiors II
No information is also information, therefore we refer equally to the exhibitions of Birgit Megerle at the gallery Emanuel Layr and of Nina Beier at Croy Nielsen. Both are certainly recommendable!

Andrea Maurer and Sara Manente hijack the language of newspapers, penetrate the inner life of sentence structures and abduct words in order to set them free at TQW Studios.

»Dark Revolutions« at studio brut. Alexandru Cosarca and Annemarie Arzberger. Photo by Sarah Hauber

Dark Revolutions
As part of the que_ring drama project, performance artists, activists and theorists mince iconic moments of the classical theatre canon at studio brut. A critical, but also ironic journey.

Friday - November 15

Objects Recognized in Flashes
As one of three new exhibitions at mumok, this show focuses on the surfaces of photos and bodies and asks how our largely mediatized society deals with and relates analogue and digital images.

Autumn Sale of Dreams and Love
Significant Other has invited Haus der Matsubara, an antique shop by Soshiro Matsubara, to take over their premises and launch a publication by Kazuna Taguchi alongside an exhibition of her work.

Jen Rosenblit »I'm Gonna Need Another One« at TQW. Photo by Simon Courchel

I’m Gonna Need Another One
Parts of things are in the painful process of becoming whole things themselves. Jen Rosenblit troubles the authentic and singular self by elevating the inevitability of things falling apart at TQW.

Angewandte Flohmarkt
In fact, flea markets almost never make it into the »Essentials« for a reason. However, we’ve made an exception for this happening in the atrium of the Angewandte.

Dead Sea Diaries
In May Héctor Oaks captured the city at lightning speed and now returns to Vienna to play at Grelle Forelle. Also, Sniffin Glue debuts on kitchen floor with Annie High, Marleen, and Welia.

Saturday - November 16

Kevin Space presents »PS NEW YORK«, a mysteriously kept exhibition with new works by Sarah Ortmeyer. With Erin Knutson and Performance Space New York.

The Future
The Future believes in the power of creating space for political thinking, creative processes and technical skills. So they present DJ Grand Spinache, DJ Hauswein, and Therese Terror at Rrr.

Herrensauna have set new standards in the hedonistic party underground of Berlin. Now they come to FLEX featuring Misonica, Fauna, Bort, Cem, and MCMLXXXV.

Sunday - November 17

Green Hands and Other Performances
WHW launches its new program at Kunsthalle Wien with a series of events. The first is by the legendary performance artist Sylvia Palacios Whitman at Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz.


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