Weekly Essentials: 18 Things to Do in Vienna

Louise Drulhe, The Two Webs, 2017, Courtesy Voyez-Vous, Vinciane Lebrun-Verguethen

Essentials September 9 - 15

Where to go and what to do in Vienna: We’ve selected the most exciting events and exhibition openings that should not be missed this week.

Tuesday - September 10

To a passer-by
Galerie Krinzinger shows works by Marina Abramović, Monica Bonvicini, Johanna Calle, Angela de la Cruz, Gülsün Karamustafa, Maha Malluh, and Mithu Sen.

Street. Life. Photography
KUNST HAUS WIEN’s exhibition deals with the radical changes and aesthetic developments in street photography from the 1930s to the present.

Absolut Grandits
Nonchalant between Tinder and Picasso, always critical and humorous through pop culture and art history: Martin Grandits presents new works at Kunstforum Wien.

Veronika Eberhart, 9 is 1 and 10 is none, 2017, Filmstill, Courtesy the artist

The Mystery of the Magic Formula
Veronika Eberhart invites the audience to revisit the main site of her film »9 is 1 and 10 is none« – currently on view as part of »Hysterical Mining« at Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz.

Wednesday - September 11

Fantasmical Anatomy Session
Anne Juren creates a visual, sound and sensory landscape, and proposes a delirious journey around and inside bodies, where dysfunctional relations and unimaginable actions can take place.

Thursday - September 12

curated by Festival
Twenty-two galleries will be opening their doors from 6–9 PM on September 12 for the official opening of »curated by«, the gallery festival with international curators in Vienna!

Kaiser, Bircken & Arunanondchai
Opening of the exhibitions by Tillman Kaiser, Alexandra Bircken, and Korakrit Arunanondchai as well as garden party in cooperation with »curated by« at Vienna Secession.

Tabita Rezaire, Ultra Wet – Recapitulation, 2017–2018, Filmstill, Courtesy the artist and Goodman Gallery

Collective Moon Gazing
This participatory performance by Tabita Rezaire is viewed as an offering; bringing people together to watch the stars and moon, to realign and harmonize the energies of their mind-body-spirits.

In his exhibition at Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman, Thomas Feuerstein assembles new works that appear like fossils from the future, but tell a story about our present.

East of the West
EXILE opens the first part of the two-part solo exhibition of Tess Jaray and presents some of the artist’s most recent paintings together with a selection of early drawings.

Madness Invited
Collectors Agenda presents Finnish artist Toni R. Toivonen, whose work reveals a deep fascination with the reality of matter, even in a painterly context.

Friday - September 13

Bitches & Witches
This year’s Wienwoche deals with radical queer feminist social criticism and celebrates the opening at Karlsplatz with performances by Angel-Ho, Luana Hansen, Dacid G8blin, and many more. Admission free!

Abandon(ed) Vessel
Kevin Space has invited Dominique White, whose installations investigate the disruption of linear time, while delicately balancing the states of preservation, decay and renewal.

Artist Presentation: Veronika Schubert
Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz acts as a platform for making visible practices that combine interests in feminism and technology, and has a number of artists present their works, research, ideas and inspirations.

Unsafe+Sounds Interlude
Various forces present an extensive concert and exhibition program at Steinergasse 8: Pamelia Stickney, Oliver Johnson, God’s Entertainment, The Black Page Orchestra et cetera.

F*cken Plus
Meat Market celebrates Christmas and New Year’s Eve together on Friday the 13th with Shkedul, Gerald VDH, and Specific Objects at Werk.

On Fleek
Back from the summer break, On Fleek presents together with Flugmodus and Fatamorganaaa the best music from the internet at Club Titanic.

Saturday - September 14

All god’s children could be led astray
Pina shows works by the British artist Emily Jones, who works at the intersection of several scientific disciplines, which she regards as interconnected layers.


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