Weekly Essentials: March 4 - 10

Courtesy of Olga Holzschuh

Essentials March 4 - 10

Where to go and what to do - every week, PW-Magazine selects the most exciting events and exhibitions that should not be missed in Vienna!

Monday, March 4

Art Tour
She’s Here. Louise Lawler
Sammlung Verbung and RRRIOT offer a guided tour through the collection of New York born artist Louise Lawler. Louise Lawler’s unusual photographs point out that our perception and meaning of an artwork is always influenced by its local and institutional environment.

Tuesday, March 5

Art Talk
Contemporary Matters
The podium discussion deals with the question of the possibilities and goals of a localization of contemporary art in art history as well as the relationship between scientific discourse and contemporary art and culture production in Vienna.

Art Screening
Jasmina Cibic
Fascinated by the whimsical coexistence of modern architecture and classical allegory in numerous national pavilions, Jasmina Cibic makes them the subject of her trilogy »NADA«. At Belvedere 21.

Wednesday, March 6

Art Screening
Third from the Sun
»Planet Earth is blue, and there’s nothing we can do?« mumok cinema explores artistic approaches that make the symptoms, expressions and effects of the Anthropocene tangible.

Art Talk
RRRIOT Public Feminisms Forum
Belvedere 21 and RRRIOT festival have invited Christiane Erharter, Elke Krasny, Sophie Lingg, and Claudia Lomoschitz to discuss feminist movements in arts and culture.

Art Tour
Sexism and the Star System
»When the glass ceiling hits you, you will think it is your fault unless you know a bit about feminism, and it will destroy you.« – A guided tour trough the AzW exhibition of Denise Scott Brown.

Thursday, March 7

Art Opening
Null und Etwas
Magda Csutak constructs her artistic binary system in which elements convene which otherwise remain separate. Her work is frequently visionary, ahead of the actual scientific proof of theories. At Christie Koenig Galerie.

Art Opening
I wish you were different
Koenig 2 opens the exhibition with works by Olga Holzschuh who focusses on the reciprocal relationship between contemporary digital technology and our perception of reality. She addresses the question of how thinking, acting and feeling are transformed under these premises.

Art Opening
Candid & Heracleumfall
Galerie Michaela Stock presents two solo shows by Ivica Capan, and Alina Sokolova. The artworks displayed in the two exhibition rooms are characterized by a construction of »communication« between the different components. Both artists respond to new conditions of surveillance and hyper-visibility in their works.

Art Opening
Great Wall Something
In her exhibition at Vin Vin, Hannahlisa Kunyik shows a series of works based on the fascination for the place, the landscape, and the sculpturality of the Great Wall as well as a film she made in collaboration with Kilian Immervoll.

Art Closing Book lauch
Art Club & Fortezzuola
Galerie Emanuel Layr invites you to the finissage of Julien Bismuth’s solo show as well as to the launch of the recently published books »Art Club« and »Fortezzuola« in cooperation with Pier Paolo Pancotto.

Art Opening
Halfway House
»Halfway House« focuses on the mix of realities and expectations when entering a contemporary art context and on the mixture of approaches within the gallery EXILE and aims to blur boundaries.

Art Opening
I Have Become My Own Worst Fear
Martha Wilson exhibits photographic and text-based works for which she repeatedly takes on a different role at CRONE gallery. Her experiments, some of which show a great sense of humor, make reference to social conventions revolving around the concepts of femininity, beauty and age.

Music Live
For their first night Rhiz, Sleepers have invited artists who are connected through their dark sound aesthetics: Croatian Amor, Alobhe, and special guest J.Alpinist.

Friday, March 8

Art Opening
Artist-run space Gärtnergasse opens the exhibition »help« organized by Julia Znoj with works by Parastu Gharabaghi, and Dorna Daneshgar.

Art Tour
Curator’s tour: On the New
During this tour through »On the New« in which specifically produced works are juxtaposed with specially arranged exhibitions within the exhibition, Belvedere 21 will explore works and issues of contemporary artists.

Juliana Huxtable
With her interdisciplinary work, Juliana Huxtable promotes inclusion and creates safe spaces in which fears can be addressed and dismantled, while creating visibility. Free admission, registration is not necessary.

Performance Dance
Oleg Soulimenko: Origins
»Origins« challenges the perception patterns of the audience by placing special emphasis on different criteria and zooms in on miniature details and examines microscopic contexts. Premiere at TQW Halle G.

Henrike Iglesias: OH MY
To open the 2019 imagetanz festival and to honor International Women’s Day, Henrike Iglesias will set out to reclaim their own sexualities and to look for alternative, queer, feminist, fantastic images for their own desires at brut im Atelier Augarten.

Music Party
RRRIOT will close the festival with music by Barbosa Soundsystem, DJ Hauswein, DJ Angel, Grrr, Dalia Ahmed, and Juliana Huxbtable at Aux Gazelles. This party is for women, trans, or gender non-conforming individuals only!

Music Party
imagetanz goes Ladyshave
There is a lot to celebrate: festival opening, 30 years of imagetanz and International Women’s Day. On so many joyful occasions there is no better partner than Ladyshave to celebrate this special day dancing together at brut im FLUC and to warm up for three weeks of choreography and performance.

Saturday, March 9

Music Performance Sponsored
Gérald Kurdian: Hot Bodies
Gérald Kurdian uses live music, performative sequences, videos and documentary art to create sensual collages. »Hot Bodies – Stand Up« features texts on feminist and queer activism as well as interviews with people whose concepts of sexuality and/or gender extend beyond stereotypes at TQW Studios.

Henrike Iglesias: OH MY
The collective Henrike Iglesias will set out to reclaim their own sexualities and to look for alternative, queer, feminist, fantastic images for their own desires at brut im Atelier Augarten.

Fashion Sportswear Sponsored
1 Year Not Couture
Not Couture – Vienna’s pop-up store for branded sportswear and designer pieces – celebrates its first year of existence with music by DJWarzone, DJAVO, and DJ Seen at Büro Fabrik.


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