Watch Magic Island’s New Music Video »High Note«

Photo by Moritz Freudenberg

»High Note« is the second song of the Magic Island’s EP »Warm Heaven«, which will be released on Mansions and Millions on July 12, and is »an anthem for women to demand what they want«.

»Well this song is obviously about sex ;) But I’d like for it to be more than that, an anthem for women to demand what they want / need / deserve and stand for nothing less. Especially when it comes to sex. When we recorded this, I was barely whispering – I think it’s the softest vocals I’ve ever sung.«

Directed by Fritz Marlon Schiffers of Gruppe Service
Styling by Tim Heyduck of Gruppe Service
Dress by Lou de Bètoly
Camera by Joseph Kadow
3D Animation by Ludwig Plath
Special Thanks to Paolo Pinkel, Steffen Ullman, Tabitha Swanson, and Jean Christian Pullin

Photo by Moritz Freudenberg


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