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Photo by Eva Zar
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Erika Ratcliffe. Photo by Tereza Mundilova

The Ultimate Guide to RRRIOT Festival 2019

February 25, 2019
Text by Editorial Team
Photo by Eva Zar

RRRIOT is a collaborative, feminist festival that will be held for the second time in Vienna from March 1 to 8. Under the motto »Community«, it focusses on the visibility of women in the cultural sector, empowerment, justice, and society issues. PW-Magazine recommends this year’s highlights from the diverse program.

Friday, March 1

RRRIOT Opening: Eva Zar »Regarding Revolt«
New York based artist Eva Zar is curating the group exhibition »Regarding Revolt«, a critical approach to the concept of beauty, norms and ideas of the female* body. This exhibition showcases various positions, offers alternative perspectives on beauty and will be kicking off RRRIOT Festival 2019.

RRRIOT Party: female:pressure X Bliss
RRRIOT celebrates 21 years of female:pressure with live shows and DJ sets by Acid Maria, CHRA, Electric Indigo, Fauna, Minou Oram, VTSS, Rosa Danner, Therese Terror, Toxe at Traktor Fabrik.

Saturday, March 2

RRRIOT Performance: Anna Vasof
Kunstraum Niederösterreich and RRRIOT Festival invite you to join the open performance of artist Anna Vasof at FH Technikum Vienna.

RRRIOT Opening: Amelie Zadeh »More Chains Than Mad Dogs«
Artist Amelie Zadeh’s work is focused around questions of the influence of digitalization on collective action.

RRRIOT Talk: »Unlocking the Clubhouse«
Kunsthalle Wien & RRRIOT Festival will discuss gender stereotypes in the context of technology: Anne Faucheret, Katrin Hornek, Anne Juren, Vanessa Joan Müller, and Marlies Pöschl will analyize the connotation of male and female objects, their re-contextualization and their gender political implication.

Monday, March 4

RRRIOT Guided tour: »She’s Here. Louise Lawler«
Sammlung Verbung & RRRIOT offer a guided tour through the collection of New York born artist Louise Lawler. Louise Lawler’s unusual photographs point out that our perception and meaning of an artwork is always influenced by its local and institutional environment.

Tuesday - Thursday, March 5 - 7 

RRRIOT Workshop: Katharina Höglinger »Stein, Papier«
Artist Katharina Höglinger presents a three day workshop at Kluckyland Vienna. As part of the wtf!group, Höglinger’s designs are artifacts of protest. All protest signs and sculptures will support the Do!Demo on March 7.

Erika Ratcliffe. Photo by Tereza Mundilova

Wednesday, March 6

RRRIOT Public Feminisms Forum
Belvedere 21 and RRRIOT festival have invited Christiane Erharter, Elke Krasny, Sophie Lingg, and Claudia Lomoschitz to discuss feminist movements in arts and culture.

RRRIOT Guided Tour: »Sexism and the Star System«
»When the glass ceiling hits you, you will think it is your fault unless you know a bit about feminism, and it will destroy you.« – A guided tour trough the AzW exhibition of Denise Scott Brown.

Thursday, March 7

RRRIOT Talk: Women’s Networks in Arts and Culture
Nicole Adler, Alexandra Grausam, Sophie Haslinger, Ema Kaiser-Brandstätter, Eva Schlegel, and Nives Widauer will discuss female* networks in arts and culture.

Friday, March 8

RRRIOT Closing Party: Bliss X Sisters: Juliana Huxtable
RRRIOT will close the festival with music by Barbosa Soundsystem, DJ Hauswein, DJ Angel, Grrr, Dalia Ahmed, Juliana Huxbtable at Aux Gazelles. This party is FLINT*only!

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Foto von José Caldeira

Höllenritt in die Untiefen der Zwischenmenschlichkeit: Miet Warlops »Mystery Magnet«


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