The Femdex Podcast: Mala Herba

Femdex and PW-Magazine are collaborating on a series of podcasts and interviews to highlight female talent from Vienna and around the globe.

Artist Name: Mala Herba
Current Residence: Vienna
Label / Crew / Projects: Oramics // Sounds Queer?

Can you tell us about the ideas and inspirations behind this mix?

It’s a live improvisation using audio coding in SuperCollider and modular system at the Sonology Institute in the Hague where I studied this year. The idea was to create a narrative about dealing with my own Polish roots. Nowadays Poland is rapidly sliding into a fascist dictatorship and it’s difficult to deal with the news. I wanted to combine very rough sounds with the beauty of ethnomusicological recordings and try to convey this tension and sorrow I feel.

As far as you remember, what was your first song or band that you fell in love with when you were a kid or a teenager?

Queen and King Crimson. Basically going through my dad’s vinyl collection. Then I discovered punk and was gone for years

Do you remember your first encounter with electronic music and can you elaborate on that?

I have always been obsessed with 80’s electronic music, from minimal synth wave to Italo disco and didn’t really care about contemporary music. I really wished I could travel back in time. It’s changing now as I’m very drawn to everything experimental and polyrhythmic and love to learn about new projects. I feel like a child in a candy store.

Tell us about one of your best, worst, funniest or strangest DJ experiences.

I played a DJ set at a queer sex party, at a »make-out« dance floor. Sexiest night of my life.

Our last featured artist Katia Curie would like to know, there would be a possibility to unite all countries on our planet in one peaceful country, which name would you give to this country?

It already has a name: Planet Earth.

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What do you think is the biggest challenge for the music scene you are a part of?


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