The Femdex Podcast: Grace Schella

Femdex and PW-Magazine are collaborating on a series of podcasts and interviews to highlight female talent from Vienna and around the globe.

Artist Name: Grace Schella
Current Residence: Vienna
Label / Crew / Projects: Electropia, Brutalists, female:pressure

Can you tell us about the ideas and inspirations behind this mix?

The selection is mainly electro and techno, some slices of ambient and industrial in between plus other – even funny – tracks. The records I use are covering different corners of contemporary and old school music, elaborating the beauty of some blueprints of the techno/electro genre keeping it Detroit-focused. At the same time I also represent quite a lot of music from Vienna. I wanted to accomplish a pleasant and also trippy listening mix. A few times I break up some dynamical parts with experimental abstract sounds – to get that kind of podcast vibe. In other words you could say it turned out to be a musical metaphor of jitting asteroids jumping through liquid beats and wading through moody soundscapes.

As far as you remember, what was your first song or band that you fell in love with when you were a kid or a teenager?

It was an old record we had at home by James Brown, »The Payback«. We listened and danced to this many times, really sweet memories. As a kid I was already very impressed with the way he sang and how he used his voice, very different to all I’d knew.

Do you remember your first encounter with electronic music and can you elaborate on that?

Well, this must have been early 90s when there were mixtapes/real cassettes handed around with techno or general club mixes. As I was into music already it created a strong wish to learn how to beatmatch. The early DJ-Kicks series e.g. by Claude Young really have opened up the box for all kinds of electronica. I also became very fond of Ursula Rucker and her electronic music poems. But another 15 years later I eventually found time to learn how to mix records.

Tell us about one of your best, worst, funniest or strangest DJ experiences.

I’ve had really good experiences on the Balkans when visiting Wats in Belgrade or Sektor 909 in Skopje. People are wonderful hosts and the crowd brings a special vibe to the dancefloor. I also love to play in my homebase Vienna, so much good stuff happening in many different music areas. For instance, I had great nights at Das Werk, Rhiz, GrillX, Venster 99 and Grelle Forelle.

Our last featured artist Lokier would like to know, what is the hardest part of being a DJ?

Carrying all those records.

Get in touch with our next artist Bonnie. What would you like to know?

Which equipment do you prefer when it comes to DJing?


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