Premiere: Mermaid & Seafruit »Born to Resist«


»Born to Resist« is an artistic and musical manifesto dedicated to all beings fighting against norms and stereotypical roles of the neo-liberal society.

Written from a perspective of a waitress dealing with a night shift and a man sexually assaulting her, Mermaid & Seafruit’s »Born to Resist« speaks in the name of the unicorns, formless, anarchists, chameleons and witches not willing to follow the white capitalist patriarchy and its system of oppression any longer. In the music video, young kids break up with the future projected on them by society. Raving their pyjamas in the act of liberation instead of losing their lives to the uniforms, they fight for a dream we all once have, but later lose the courage to continue believing.

Music: Mermaid & Seafruit
Director: Magdalena Fischer
Choreography: Magdalena Chowaniec
Graphic Design: Gergő Kovács
Starring: Agatha, Carlos, Emil, Lina, Mavie, Mia, Mirna, Natalia, Noah, Rosa, Sophie, Stella, Wassilissa


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