Premiere: Keru Not Ever »Équilibre de la Terreur«

Artwork by William Sabourin

Keru Not Ever’s »Équilibre de la Terreur« has the potential to take your breath away with its mixture of angelic voices and tranquilizing, mellow sounds.

Justin Leduc-Frenette aka Keru Not Ever is not only a producer, but also a composer, curator, and writer. His second album the »Wind Of ?« is packed with seven tracks which that are prone to a subtle subtraction of the sensuous, to unleash the pursuit of a conceptual ideal, through the presence of a hyperventilating breath, a structural cut, and »a ventriloque-like narrativity on the libidinal repetition of contemporary DAWs.«

The »Wind Of ?« will be released on Infinite Machine on April 26. Artwork by William Sabourin.


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