Premiere: Jacob Samuel »Ghosts«

Prior to his debut release for the record label Serious Serious in 2019, Jacob Samuel premieres his music video »Ghosts« on PW-Magazine.

Jacob Samuel is a musician and artist who explores how form, from the industrial revolution to simulated world building, affects communication and individuation.

A friend who works as a teacher told me most kids conclude a story with shit, falling into shit, transformation, being eaten and death. When you’ve got the liberty to say how things end these feel like pretty apt responses.

What’s more commonly available are theatres in which to perform and the opposite of any coherent structure or self, any way of marking an ending. These are invented through roles, like a character in a film or game, that are set up play by play in the form that is available to them.

There are ghosts in these forms. They are the causality of action to action within defined structures that are set up to allow anything to happen at all. Rather than let that limitation dissuade you it’s easier to overvalue what gives instinctual satisfaction. Lead it to excess until you have to push some level of self obsession outward.  Form can work like that, reinforcing or drowning the very thing that’s attempted to be changed or expressed. The invisible machine of it, stories, identities, what your body is in all of this. The lot.

The short, Ballad of Ghost, features producer and choreographer illyr.

On February 20 Jacob Samuel is screening his video works at Vienna’s Zentrale and is also on the bill for Serious Serious Label Night on February 21 at Venster 99.


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