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Farce by Laura Schaeffer

Hyperreality’s Artists Guide to Hyperreality

May 1, 2019
Text by Editorial Team
Farce by Laura Schaeffer

We could not imagine anyone better presenting the highlights of this year’s Hyperreality line-up than the artists themselves!

On two weekends in May, Hyperreality festival will transform an abandoned hotel on an alpine pasture on the edge of Vienna into a pulsating center of club culture and present more than 60 performing artists at Sophienalpe.

Stellar Om Source, DJ Gusch, Lisa Holzinger, Schirin, DJ Hauswein, Chra, Lyra Pramuk, and Tami T tell you what they are looking forward to the most.

Stellar Om Source: »All the acts are defining what is electronic music at the moment. Check out the PAN showcase at the pool stage on May 18th. I also recommend DJ Deeon, Jana Rush, and DJ Paypal on the main stage as I often DJ their music. On the second weekend Shyboi, and SPFDJ are going to blow your mind. Dis Fig is also one of my favorites. But honestly, try to catch as much as possible. It will change your life and open new worlds for you.«

DJ Gusch: »A big highlight for me is the location. I’m curious how the energy will spread through the Sophienalpe hotel. It’s hard to explain how I feel and when I’ve decided on a few highlights, as it’s like I’m undercutting my excitement. Overall, I am very honored to be part of this festival, and I am looking forward to playing music, connecting with new people and the old eat, sleep, rave, repeat.«

SISTERS’ Lisa Holzinger: »I’m looking forward to all artists who are not white dudes. So I’ll be pretty happy during the festival. On the second Saturday there is one of many highlights: the performance of Farce. She is a super up-and-coming Viennese artist, yayyy!«

Chra: »One of the Vienna-based artists I like to follow on Instagram and Facebook is Evren da Conceição, for her great live techno videos. Solid Blake’s accelerating beats keep me moving, unpretentious techno, as I really love it! At the beginning of 2000 I was at an electronic music festival and missed the presence of female artists. That’s why I started looking in the catalogs of the hot electronic labels of that time and found Tujiko Noriko on Editions Mego, which also became my home. I’ve always missed Moor Mother’s shows so I’m looking forward to seeing the performance of her project 700Bliss.«

Schirin: »The first live performance of WRZNE.I-H.3-X last year was a trance-like experience. The artistic fusion of Christian Ingemann and DJ Warzone, both of whom I admire as an artist and musician, is an emotional firework for me that I will enjoy very much. Not to mention that missing Alpha Tracks gives me the worst FOMO. His driving sets make me forget everything around me and dance my soul out.«

DJ Hauswein: »You must come and see Shyboi, who I saw perform in New York recently at a sweaty walled, lazer filled room with a janky, thumping system that had my ears screaming for mercy – an excellent fit for the venue at the Sophienalpe. I’ve had 700 Bliss on repeat since they dropped »700 Spa« on Halcyon Veil and have so much love and admiration for the powerful and spicy combination that is DJ Haram & Moor Mother – I’m shedding happy tears in anticipation of their performance. Other highlights for me are: WWWINGS, Prison Religion, Quay Dash (finally!), Astrid Gnosis, DJ Deeon, Bbymutha & all the local babies.«

Lyra Pramuk: »I’m looking forward to the Amen showcase, among other things, I’m curious to see more of what this local Viennese crew is up to. I’ve loved Tujiko Noriko for years and I would love to see her live. The whole line-up is so powerful: Larry B aka Carrie Stacks, Quay Dash, Jana Rush, Tzusing, Tami T, and Dis Fig … It’s hard not to want to see literally everything.«

Tami T: »I’m really looking forward to seeing as many of the Discwoman x Common Contact acts as possible! It’s going to be a great night, I think!«

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Sandra Mujinga, installation view Seasonal Pulses, Croy Nielsen, Vienna, 2019. Foto: ©

Sandra Mujinga: Der Impuls sich zu verhüllen


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