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Photo by Marcella Ruiz Cruz

»Curated By« Interview Series: Anna Gritz

September 25, 2019
Text by Pia-Marie Remmers
Photo by Marcella Ruiz Cruz

The annual gallery festival curated by is again a guest at 22 selected Viennese galleries. For this year’s theme »Circulation« we asked five of the participating curators about their exhibition concepts and their perspective on the city.

With the title Kreislaufprobleme you have chosen a humorous approach for this year’s »curated by« theme »Circulation«. What does it tell us about your show?

Although the title is humorous it was less seen as a pun on this year’s »curated by« theme and more as a different perspective on what »Circulation« can mean I was interested in the miss-circulation of information; hick ups in the channels in which we process language and the effects that this can have on our physical selves. The protagonist in the story »Indecency« by Rita Valencia that informed the exhibition is bound to live her slip of the tongue, and after accidentally using the word »bag« instead of »back« her back actually turns into a bag. I loved this image as a metaphor for the relationship between language and physicality and how at times mistakes can reveal things that have been lingering beneath the surface.

For KW Institute for Contemporary Art you have explicitly planned exhibitions with young and old artists in order to encourage transgenerational conversations. Is this also the case with your show at Croy Nielsen, where the age difference between the oldest and youngest artist is 48 years?

Absolutely, however this is not necessarily a premeditated process. I want to show relevant art that speaks to a contemporary condition, that is driven by urgency and as long as it does that it does not matter whether it has been made by an 80-year-old or a 20-year-old artist. However, I do love showing historic work that has retained an urgency or even gained more across many decades and that was ahead of its time when it was produced back in the day.

One of the goals of »curated by« is to bring international positions to Vienna in order to make the local scene more internationally visible. What kind of image of Vienna do you personally have?

I find Vienna endlessly fascinating an I love how it is both deeply traditional and of the past and contemporary at once. I have to come back to see more but on my last visit I loved exploring the architecture by Hans Hollein that appears to be embodying just that same chronological incongruity in his postmodern way of building. I especially love the images of his Austrian Travel Bureau Office.

Through the festival, the galleries can also expand their international network. In your opinion, what other sustainable opportunities could such a festival offer?

I believe that in times of ours, sharing resources is the most productive way to go about anything. I love that the »curated by« format allows for so much cross-fertilization for the galleries, but also for the artists, curators, institutions, critics, audiences and others involved etc. It encourages experimentation and collaboration on so many levels and I wish that more cities would adopt the format.

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Photo by Marcella Ruiz Cruz

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