Your Weekly Essentials: March 5 - 11

Your Weekly Essentials March 5 - 11
Joe Scanlan, Impact Study No. 7a, 2018, Aqueous inkjet on paper. Courtesy Galerie Martin Janda

Essentials March 5 - 11

Your Weekly Essentials March 5 - 11
Joe Scanlan, Impact Study No. 7a, 2018, Aqueous inkjet on paper. Courtesy Galerie Martin Janda

Monday - March 5

There’s nothing going on here.

Tuesday - March 6

#ART Second View
Opening of the exhibition with works by Anita Leisz and Rachel Harrison at Galerie Meyer Kainer’s Boltenstern.Raum.

#ART New Tricks, New Schemes
Opening of the exhibition by Joe Scanlan at Galerie Martin Janda.

#ART Immature
Opening of the exhibition by Tobias Hoffknecht at Galerie Crone.

#ART Rachel Whiteread
For over three decades, Rachel Whiteread has materialized the intangible. Her sculptures make voids visible and awaken memories of that which has been irretrievably lost. For the first time in Austria, the Belvedere 21 shows a cross-section of the renowned British artist’s work.

Wednesday - March 7

#ART Obelisks
Opening of the exhibition by Laura Wagner at PFERD.

#ART Schnaps für einen Hund
Opening of the exhibition by Andrea Bender at Bäckerstrasse4-plattform für junge kunst.

#MUSIC Vol. 2: I’m a Janitor.
Cut Surface presents concerts by The Boiler and POSTMAN at Rhiz Vienna.

#MUSIC Funtaxxx
Sofie, Lil Promise, Sami Nagasaki, DJ Fabian Deutsch, Anton Kolo, Sarakbi, and Vinarsky will DJ at Das Werk.

Thursday - March 8

#ART A New Home
Opening of the exhibition by Marianne Vlaschits at Galerie Nathalie Halgand.

#ART Moebel UND
Opening of the group exhibition with works by Vito Acconci, Ovidiu Anton, Sepp Auer, Jimmie Durham, G.R.A.M., Atelier Van Lieshout, Valentin Ruhry, Margherita Spiluttini, and Franz West at Christine König Galerie.

#ART Underwater: An operatic disco
Opening of the exhibition by Joel Tauber at Koenig 2.

#ART Encounters
Opening of the group exhibition curated by Magdalena Stöger with works by Anna Barlik, Julian Palacz, and Sergen Şehitoğlu at SCAG.

Your favorite all female hip-hop crew invited UK’s MC Laughta, emerging talent Hunney Pimp and many more to fluc.

Friday - March 9

#ART Procrustean Flatulence
Opening of the exhibition by Sebastian Jefford at Gianni Manhattan.

#ART Wiping it out lovely
Opening of the exhibition by Abdul Sharif Baruwa at New Jörg.

#ART Put an end to genital panic!
Julia Hartmann will talk to Noit Banai, Pilar Parcerisas, Aline Lara Rezende, and Barbis Ruder about Günter Brus’ attitude towards the pictorial representation of women and men in the society of his heyday, and the ripple effects of his corporeal action works on today’s performance artists at Belvedere 21.

#MUSIC Paradiso
Do you already know who will celebrate his 6th birthday on Friday? Exactly, Paradiso! On the occasion of their anniversary, the birds of paradise will bring the mystical sympathetic Neapolitan producer and DJ Mystic Jungle to the celeste.

#MUSIC Salto Capitale
Schwer okay! One of Vienna’s nicest party crews will gather the following DJs at Rhiz on Friday: Dieter Flegel, Luzi Gehrisch, Ober Mannkind, Marie, and Erdball.

Saturday - March 10

#ART Sovereignity
Opening of the exhibition by Kathrin Stumreich at Zentrale.

#MUSIC Haiyti
Beat the Fish presents the concert by currently most hyped German-speaking pop act Haiyti at Grelle Forelle. The rapper has just released her album “Montenegro Zero” on the major label Universal Music.

#MUSIC Fish Market
Under the motto “The Patron Saints of Escapism”, Meat Market calls its followers and supporters into the Grelle Forelle and introduces them to Blawan.

#MUSIC In Dada Social
In Dada Social will be closing this year’s Rrriot Festival by inviting the bold and vigorous Ms Nina for one of her patented live shows to fluc.

Sunday - March 11

It’s another lazy Sunday afternoon in Vienna.

Selected Ongoing Exhibitions

until March 10 Liesl Raff at Sophie Tappeiner
until April 29 Guy Mees at Kunsthalle Wien
until May 26 Bruno Gironcoli at Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman
until May 27 Bruno Gironcoli & Optik Schröder II at mumok
until April 2 Thomas Bayrle at MAK
until August 12 Günter Brus at Belvedere 21


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