Your Weekly Essentials: March 12 - 18

Your Weekly Essentials March 12 - 18
Opening: Gavin Turk at Galerie Krinzinger. Courtesy of the artist.

Essentials March 12 - 18

Your Weekly Essentials March 12 - 18
Opening: Gavin Turk at Galerie Krinzinger. Courtesy of the artist.

Monday - March 12

#ART The seen Walls of lost Eden
Opening of the exhibition by Anna Mitterer at Neuer Kunstverein Wien.

#ART Visibility Reward
Opening of the exhibition by Luiza Margan at EIKON Schaufenster, Q21 at MuseumsQuartier Vienna. At the opening, the new issue of EIKON will be launched.

Tuesday - March 13

#ART It’s Not Me, It’s A Photograph
Opening of the exhibition by Elina Brotherus at KUNST HAUS WIEN Museum Hundertwasser. In her photographs and films, the Finnish artist takes up a position both in front of and behind the camera.

#ART The Poster Show
Opening of the exhibition by Christian Stock at GPLcontemporary.

#MUSIC My love is rotten to the core
Florent Hadjinazarian aka HAJJ is a visual artist and composer. His new audiovisual live show which accurately synthesizes the contemporary dialogues between the artistic and musical fields, a captivating performance, mixing the rushes of his film in court, as well as his sound researches borrowing different codes such as ASMR, trap, ambient, and schnell. HAJJ’s performance will take place at wellwellwell Vienna.

Wednesday - March 14

#ART Transmoderne
The book presentation with an introduction by Sabeth Buchmann and conversation with Christian Kravagna and Susanne Leeb will take place at mumok kino.

#ART Bottoms Up!
Social ties are established while drinking, people communicate and interact. The artists of the exhibition conceived and appropriated a variety of drinks, respectively formulated instructions on how to use them. In the tradition of relational aesthetics it transforms a conversation piece into a social sculpture – and the other way around. At fluc.

#MUSIC Engelsharfen & Teufelsgeigen
Natalia Domínguez Rangel’s music and sound work offers a varied mix of contemporary classical composition alongside electronic synthesis, field recordings, ambisonics, installations and performance. Domínguez Rangel will perform at Rhiz Vienna.

Thursday - March 15

#ART The Alphabet
Opening of the comprehensive retrospective of the artist Keith Haring at Albertina Wien.

#ART On Love
Opening of the exhibition with works by Ina Ebenberger, Susanna Hofer, Katharina Höglinger, and Eva Kadlec, feat. Casali, at the University Library of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

#ART God is Gone
Opening of the exhibition by Gavin Turk at Galerie Krinzinger.

#MUSIC Golden Hour
Dalia Ahmed from Dalia’s Late Night Lemonade on FM4 radio will DJ at Tanzquartier Wien.

#MUSIC Schmusesalon
This is a place for romantics: Cher Monsieur, OG Schaum, and Sebbele will DJ at Elektro Gönner.

Friday - March 16

#MUSIC Anger
On Friday, Anger will celebrate their EP release at Rote Bar.

#MUSIC On Fleek
That’ll be lit: BDE & Flex, DJ Hauswein, Powerpoint, Mila, Auchsuperwichtig, and Ton Up will play at Club Titanic.

#MUSIC The Future is Female II
Hardcore For The Losers will present the bands Leeloo, Schapka, and Mala Herba at Venster 99.

#MUSIC 3 Years Manifest
Jeremy Underground, Fabe, Power Plant, Nesta, Roman Rauch will spin records at SASS.

#MUSIC VIII Years Step Forward
Step Forward, which has become a breeding ground for several creative festivals, celebrates with Hodini its 8-year existence at celeste.

Saturday - March 17

#ART Tambula malembe
Opening of the exhibition with new works by Walter Swennen at Galerie nächst St. Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwälder.

#MUSIC 35 Years An.schläge
The feminist magazine an.schläge will celebrate this three and a half decades of feminist quality journalism with Aivery, Katia Ledoux, Denise Kottlett, Tolerant Alice, Denice Bourbon, Stefanie Sourial, and Nora Jacobs at WUK performing arts.

#MUSIC Galactic Township
This night will be devoted to all imaginable electronic music genres in the world at AU.

#MUSIC Disco Frisco
The special guest of this party at celeste is Le Chocolat Noir, who has released much-acclaimed records on several labels, including the one by Helena Hauff.

#MUSIC First Confession
Kredo is a party for those who understand techno as a profound art form and demand a high level of quality at Venster 99.

Sunday - March 18

#ART STANDARD-Day at mumok
The mumok invites you to the current exhibitions. Free admission to the museum is granted to all those who come with the STANDARD under their arm!

Selected Ongoing Exhibitions

until April 21 Marianne Vlaschits at Galerie Nathalie Halgand
until April 22 Rudolf Polanszky at Vienna Secession
until April 28 Sebastian Jefford at Gianni Manhattan
until April 29 Guy Mees at Kunsthalle Wien
until May 26 Bruno Gironcoli at Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman
until May 27 Bruno Gironcoli & Optik Schröder II at mumok
until May 27 Ydessa Hendeles at Kunsthalle Wien
until July 29 Rachel Whiteread at Belvedere 21
until April 2 Thomas Bayrle at MAK
until August 12 Günter Brus at Belvedere 21


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