Your Weekly Essentials: January 8 - 14

Your Weekly Essentials: January 8 - 14
Opening: CrossSections_potentials at Kunsthalle Exnergasse

Essentials January 8 - 14

Your Weekly Essentials: January 8 - 14
Opening: CrossSections_potentials at Kunsthalle Exnergasse

Monday - January 8

#LITERATURE Reading: Lydia Haider
Austrian author Lydia Haider will read from her book and will be musically accompanied by Johannes Oberhuber at Alte Schmiede.

#DISCOURSE Hol’ Den Vorschlaghammer!
The Salon in Gesellschaft will talk to you about ideas at the Schauspielhaus Wien.

Tuesday - January 9

#ART Guided tour: Florian Hecker
The curator Vanessa Joan Müller will discuss the context and background of the exhibition by Florian Hecker at Kunsthalle Wien.

A concert performance on consumption of Das Planetenparty Prinzip and Melt Downer will take place at Rhiz Vienna.

Wednesday - January 10

#ART Guided tour: Marlene Maier & Olena Newkryta
The curator Lucas Gehrmann will discuss the context and background of the exhibition by Marlene Maier & Olena Newkryta at Kunsthalle Wien.

#ART CrossSections_potentials
Opening of the exhibition curated by Basak Senova at Kunsthalle Exnergasse.

Thursday - January 11

#ART Talk: Bernhard Cella
Bernhard Cella is an Austrian multimedia artist and curator. In his projects he focuses on different aspects of the perception of books. This event will take place at Kunsthalle Wien.

#ART All Ways Going Nowhere
Opening of the exhibition by Doris Theres Hofer at MUSA.

A performative and visual interplay by Marius Grimminger, Simon Bauer, Jacqueline Zauner, and Lynn Kühl at Format .strk.

#MUSIC Beatroot
Corduroy, Kensee, Abu Gabi, Ana Power, and El Capitano will play at celeste.

#MUSIC Raster
Grace Schella and Nino Sebelic will DJ at Venster 99.

Friday - January 12

#ART Liquid Chalice
Opening of the exhibition by Daniel Burley at DELF.

#ART Underworld
Opening of the exhibition by Justin Fitzpatrick at Kevin Space.

#MUSIC 838
Thirsty Eyes will release their new single and video at Schikaneder.

#MUSIC Global Groove
DJs Mune Ra, Moe, and Signore Barbarossa will spin records at celeste.

#MUSIC Struma+Iodine
Nachtbote, Philipp Quehenberger, Superskin, Schirin, Inou Ki Endo, and Tristan Bath will perform at Venster 99.

Saturday - January 13

#MUSIC A Lesson in Darkness II
Mynskh, Idklang & Lebdi, and Kryptomorph will play a concert a Grelle Forelle.

#MUSIC Base Eleven
On the occasion of the exhibition’s closing, a performance and rave night will take place at artist-run space PFERD.

#MUSIC 18 Jahre
The Viennese label will celebrate its birthday at Rhiz Vienna.

#MUSIC Fish Market
Meat Market will tempt you to lose your mind at Grelle Forelle with Joton, Matt Mor, Gerald VDH, Specific Objects, BØRT, and Scirox.

Sunday - January 14

#MUSIC Old Time Gospel Hour and Friends
The band Old Time Gospel Hour will celebrate their record release together with their friends Oskar May and Rosa Anschütz at Rhiz Vienna.

Selected Ongoing Exhibitions

until January 10 Katja Strunz at Krobath
until January 12 Martin Hotter at Vin Vin
until January 14 Specular Windows at 21er Haus
until January 27 Jürgen Klauke at Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman
until April 2 Thomas Bayrle at MAK


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