Your Weekly Essentials: February 26 - March 4

Your Weekly Essentials February 26 - March 4
Anna Witt, Body in Progress, 2018. Courtesy Anna Witt, Vienna and Galerie Tanja Wagner, Berlin

Essentials February 26 - March 4

Your Weekly Essentials February 26 - March 4
Anna Witt, Body in Progress, 2018. Courtesy Anna Witt, Vienna and Galerie Tanja Wagner, Berlin

Monday - February 26

#LITERATURE Blumenmontag
Poetry special: The evening at Cafe Stadtbahn will be dedicated to lyrical flowers. The readers will be Frieda Paris, Zoltan Lesi, Angelika Stallhofer, Jörg Piringer, Philip Hager, Luca M Kieser, Jakob Kraner, David Hoffmann, Marko Dinic, Cornelia Hülmbauer, Johnny Katharsis, Jopa Jotakin, and Max Oravin.

#MUSIC Non Places
Wælder are moving between ambient, industrial and pop. Struma + Iodine presents the band’s record release at Rhiz Vienna.

Tuesday - February 27

#ART Death to Pigs
Opening of the first comprehensive retrospective in Europe dedicated to Canadian artist Ydessa Hendeles at Kunsthalle Wien.

#ART Human Flag
Opening of Anna Witt’s solo exhibition at Belvedere 21 which includes three video installations that deal with different aspects of the topic »work« and interlink these in terms of form and content.

Wednesday - February 28

#MUSIC Tony Renaissance
On the occasion of Liesl Raff’s exhibition, musician Tony Renaissance will perform at the gallery Sophie Tappeiner. She creates an ethereal, raw, electronic landscape that fuses rough and delicate sounds, with synth strings, deep, heavy beats and multi layered choral vocals.

#MUSIC Brand 1
Vienna-based producer Voocoo presents three live performances by Ridler, Aziz Light and himself as well as a DJ set by Ramona at Rhiz Vienna.

Thursday - March 1

#ART Martha Jungwirth
For the first time, the Albertina Museum dedicates a solo exhibition to Martha Jungwirth. The show will give a fascinating insight into the extensive work of the 1940-born Viennese painter.

#ART Recurrence
Opening of the exhibition by Anna Jermolaewa at Zeller Van Almsick. The artist has long been interested in such aesthetics and the mediatization of resistance in the appropriation of artistic strategies.

#ART Women who swim against the tide
As part of the Rrriot Festival 2018, the Drag Queen Die Tiefe Kümmernis will guide through the collections of the Kunsthistorische Museum Vienna. In her art reviews, she primarily focuses on topics such as gender and sexuality in order to deconstruct the heteronormative order in a humorous and informative manner.

#MUSIC Common Contact
The opening party of the Rrriot Festival 2018 offers an illustrious line-up: Lyzza, Absent Fathers, and many more will perform at fluc.

#MUSIC Agent im Objekt
Puristic club sounds for an accelerated future: On his new record Jung An Tagen confronts his listeners with a form of highly abstracted electronic music. In addition to Jung An Tagen’s release show, Struma + Iodine presents the Italian composer Caterina Barbieri at Rhiz Vienna.

Friday - March 2

#THEATRE Much Ado About Nothing
Premiere: The warriors are back from the battle. Sebastian Schug stages the work of William Shakespeare at Volkstheater Wien.

#MUSIC Membrane
Acidwitch, Utoria, Power and Ulrich Rois will appear at AU in the context of the Rrriot Festival 2018.

#MUSIC The Porn Party
The DJs Gerald VDH, Welia, and Verleger will guide you through this night of ecstasies at Camera Club in the context of Porn Film Festival Vienna.

#MUSIC 5 Years of Deep Baked
These headliners will make you dance: On the occasion of their 5 year anniversary, Deep Baked invited Efdemin and Octo Octa to Grelle Forelle.

Saturday - March 3

#PERFORMANCE iChoreography
In their performance installation, Valerie Oberleithner and Magdalena Chowaniec as well as four teenagers from Vienna invite the audience to be part of a journey during which a new WE is formed. Built around the topics of technology addiction, the Self and We in times of fake news and media hyperreality, this show will transform the WUK Projektraum into a walk-in sanitarium, negotiating strategies for a better future.

#MUSIC Alvvays
The band from Toronto immerses into the deep abyss of ruthless romance and dating. The concert will take place at FLEX.

#MUSIC Rrriot Club Night
Rrriot Festival 2018 presents Cómeme’s radio host and DJ Borusiade as well as Kisling, Welia and Fo’pa at Rhiz Vienna.

#MUSIC Disorder
Don’t miss the performances and DJ-sets by DJ Warzone, Moxx, Tina 303, Broken Sight, Leclerc, DJ Nike, and Ulrich Rois at Das Werk.

#MUSIC 8 Years of Canyoudigit
Canyoudigit will celebrate its birthday with high energy dancehall vibes by Mina at Opera Club.

Sunday - March 4

#MUSIC The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
The band from New York have set standards for great-hearted, idealistic pop songs throughout its career. The concert will take place at Chelsea.

Selected Ongoing Exhibitions

until March 3 Matthias Noggler at Galerie Emanuel Layr
until March 3 Alice Attie, Karin Sander, Jengsuk Yoon at Galerie nächst St. Stephan
until March 4 Justin Fitzpatrick at Kevin Space
until March 10 Liesl Raff at Sophie Tappeiner
until April 29 Guy Mees at Kunsthalle Wien
until May 26 Bruno Gironcoli at Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman
until May 27 Bruno Gironcoli & Optik Schröder II at mumok
until April 2 Thomas Bayrle at MAK
until August 12 Günter Brus at Belvedere 21


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