Your Weekly Essentials: Easter Holidays Special

Your Weekly Essentials Easter Holidays Special
Plamen Dejanoff, The Bronze House (Collage), 2017, Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Emanuel Layr Vienna/Rome

Essentials Easter Holidays Special

Your Weekly Essentials Easter Holidays Special
Plamen Dejanoff, The Bronze House (Collage), 2017, Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Emanuel Layr Vienna/Rome

March 26 - April 1

#PROTEST Smashed to pieces (in the still of the night) on Monday - March 26
Lawrence Weiner’s lettering was applied to the Flakturm in 1991 as part of an exhibition for the Wiener Festwochen and has since been part of the Viennese cityscape. The artwork is now to fall victim to an expansion of the Haus des Meeres and disappear behind a glass facade. The obstruction may not remain uncontested!

#ACTIVITY VR in your Mind on Monday - March 26
VR is allowing mental health professionals to assess, understand, and treat many conditions, also making psychological treatment accessible, adaptable, and affordable for a lot more people. In this edition of VRVienna, you will learn more about this fascinating topic through the research and projects of professionals who are currently exploring the possibilities of what VR can offer in the field of psychological therapy.

#ART Pillars and other rockets on Tuesday - March 27
The picture lecture by Nikolaus Eckhard will outline a story of the freestanding pillar along with examples of raw hookstones, falling pests and Elon Musk’s Falcon Heavy Rocket. The event will be part of the exhibition OBELISKS by Laura Wagner at artist-run space PFERD.

#DISCOURSE Salon in Gesellschaft on Tuesday - March 27
What contribution can independent investigative journalism make to the control of the powerful? To discuss these and other questions, the Salon in Gesellschaft [salon in society] invited the journalist Florian Klenk to the Schauspielhaus Wien.

#ART The Bronze House on Wednesday - March 28
Plamen Dejanoff has been working for a long time on this form of construction and its influence on international modernity. For over twelve years, he has worked on a public sculpture project: The Bronze House, which is now being erected on the central Alexander Battenberg Square in the Bulgarian capital Sofia. Vanessa Joan Müller will have a conversation with the artist at Kunsthalle Wien.

#ART Rituals and Architecture on Thursday - March 29
In their exhibition in the University Library of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Ahu Dural and Klara Meinhardt show works that create a connection between architecture as a living habitat and the everyday, ritual handling of people with their environment.

#MUSIC 3 Eier on Thursday - March 29
Three vinyl selectors and a little word game about eggs: Camp Cosmic’s Le Discoboulet, Florian Stöffelbauer, and Walter Daniel will DJ at celeste.

#ART Follow my, follow my, lead on Friday - March 30
Spacially sculptural with collected photographical goods. Who’s entitled to speak? Whose footsteps are being followed? Imagined role models, to be tagged along. Opening of the group exhibitions with works by Ciurej & Lochman, Cornelia Lein, Michaela Schweighofer and Christina Werner as well as a lecture performance by Chloe Stead at Tim Nolas.

#MUSIC Meat Market on Friday - March 30
The open-minded and activistic techno movement Meat Market has invited Kwartz to play at Grelle Forelle. He will be supported by Gerald VDH and Bort.

#MUSIC Ghost Notes on Sunday - April 1
On Easter Sunday, Masha Dabelka, Vktr, and Luca Carlotta are finally taking care of your spring feelings at Elektro Gönner.

April 2 - 8

#ART Speed 1 on Tuesday - April 3
With this series of exhibitions, four contemporary art positions will be presented in a speed-dating process at the Büro Weltausstellung every week in April. It starts with Christian Eisenberger.

#ART Carte Blanche on Wednesday - April 4
In the Blickle Kino of the Belvedere 21, Anna Witt will present a film program of selected artists and directors, who are dedicated to the topic of work. Afterwards a conversation with the artist will be held.

#MUSIC Isolation Berlin on Wednesday - April 4
More physical and compelling than before, No wave and Post-punk break into the music of Isolation Berlin. The band around lyricist Tobias Bamborschke will play a concert at fluc.

#ART Yung & Concerned on Thursday - April 5
Opening of Sophie Gogl’s first gallery solo show at Zeller Van Almsick. The artist recently moved back to her native hometown Kufstein, where she has been working on a new body of work comprising drawings, paintings and installation pieces.

#ART On bathing culture on Thursday - April 5
The inflatable steam bath by Anna Paul will be in operation at Ost Station am Kempelenpark from April 5. The temporary social space brings wellness to the streets. Come clean.

#ART Maria Lassnig: Films in progress on Thursday - April 5
Maria Lassnig is internationally recognized as one of the most important painters of the 20th century. During her time in New York, Lassnig began to film in 8 and 16mm. While several of these films have long since been a part of the canon of her work, many remained unfinished. The Austrian Film Museum digitized the original material closely consulting the artist’s notes.

#ART Face to Back on Friday - April 6
Opening of the exhibition with works by Danish artist Marie Lund. It’s her third solo show with the gallery Croy Nielsen and her first in Vienna.

#DANCE Meyoucycle on Friday - April 6
Meyoucycle is a political sci-fi fantasy musical by Eleanor Bauer and Chris Peck on individual expression in the age of turbo-capitalism and digital interaction at Tanzquartier Wien.

#MUSIC Marocaine on Friday - April 6
The Moroccan band Group Nasir Mandoline & Redoun Darabuka and DJ Moe will take you into the world of oriental rhythms and modern electronic dance music at celeste.

#ART The Goodiepal Equation on Saturday - April 7
Screening of the documentary film by the founder of Fonal Records, musician and artist Sami Sänpäkkilä at Galerie Emanuel Layr. The film presented in its world premiere at the Helsinki International Film Festival in 2017, narrates the deeds of Goodiepal, a self-proclaimed “man for the new millennium”.

#MUSIC Sisters on Saturday - April 7
The presidents of U.S.Q., the United Sisters of Queertopia, invite you to their non-binary, all-gender, anti-racist, and body-positive space: Elizabeth Ward, DJ Dubais, Kim Kartrashian East, So-slow Phist,, and J’aime Julien will perform at fluc.

#MUSIC Disorder on Saturday - April 7
Disorder grows. Not only behind-the scenes, but also in their line-ups: Cressida from Voitax, Scarlit Port, Bare Hands founder Sedvs as well as the three residents Leclerc, Ernst August Graefe, and Aeolic will play at Das Werk.

#MUSIC mumok Matinee on Sunday - April 8
This is going to be exciting! In cooperation with the Wiener Konzerthaus, visitors are sent on a musical adventure: a high-class surprise concert in one of the museum’s current exhibitions.

#FILM Harry Dean Stanton Forever on Sunday - April 8
The Filmcasino goes to Vienna’s 7th district and opens its second depandance there: the Filmhaus. For the opening, the Filmhaus is dedicating a tribute to the great actor Harry Dean Stanton, who died in 2017, and will be screening the Wim Wenders film Paris, Texas on Sunday.

#MUSIC Dubais and Manuela on Sunday - April 8
Dubais is the lo-fi Arab-futurist band from visual artist Nadia Buyse. Manuela, a joyous jewel of addictive, eclectic, off-the-wall and instantly refreshing DIY pop, is the debut album of singer-songwriter Manuela Gernedel and multi-instrumentalist and producer Nick McCarthy. These two bands will play at Rhiz Vienna.

Selected Ongoing Exhibitions

until April 21 Marianne Vlaschits at Galerie Nathalie Halgand
until April 22 Rudolf Polanszky at Vienna Secession
until April 28 Sebastian Jefford at Gianni Manhattan
until April 29 Guy Mees at Kunsthalle Wien
until May 26 Bruno Gironcoli at Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman
until May 27 Bruno Gironcoli & Optik Schröder II at mumok
until May 27 Ydessa Hendeles at Kunsthalle Wien
until July 29 Rachel Whiteread at Belvedere 21
until April 2 Thomas Bayrle at MAK
until August 12 Günter Brus at Belvedere 21


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