Your Weekly Essentials: April 30 - May 6

Your Weekly Essentials April 29 - May 6
Anja Kirschner, Moderation, 2016, Production Still. Photo by Pinelopi Gerasimou, Courtesy Anja Kirschner

Essentials April 30 - May 6

Your Weekly Essentials April 29 - May 6
Anja Kirschner, Moderation, 2016, Production Still. Photo by Pinelopi Gerasimou, Courtesy Anja Kirschner

Monday - April 29

#ART Grelle Forelle Book Release
Lukas Gansterer photographed the artists, musicians and people of the club Grelle Forelle behind the scenes. The release will take place at the gallery Zeller Van Almsick.

#MUSIC Freundschaft!
Every year the Celeste celebrates spring; this time with the musicians and DJs Postman, B. Fleischmann, Buenoventura, Pause, Katharina Seidler, Misonica, Moogle, Andi Fettkakao.

#MUSIC Meat Market Mayday
Join Meat Market and Mary Velo from Frozen Border at fluc on the night of April 30 to May 1. The DJ has been performing regularly at Berghain, about blank, Tresor and many other locations around the world.

#MUSIC Common Contact
About two weeks ago Common Contact hosted the New York space H0l0. With 7 unannounced artists, they’ll surprise the audience on Monday with a thrilling night at Venster99.

Tuesday - May 1

#MUSIC 52 Degrees
Anyone who wants to start the party on Tuesday morning should go to Grelle Forelle. There, Meat Market will host their matinee with Bort, Gerald VDH, MMRS and Positive Life Force.

#MUSIC Cheap Records 25 Years Anniversary
The Viennese underground label Cheap Records celebrates its anniversary and invites you to the urban center CREAU. There will be live performances by Christopher Just, Gerhard Potuznik, Rondy 550, Loser, Philipp Quehenberger, Twinnie DJs, Umberto Gollini, Alpha Tracks and Patrick Pulsinger & Erdem Tunakan.

Wednesday - May 2

#ART A Debordered Formalism
Book presentation at mumok cinema: Kerstin Stakemeier’s book leads to a search for an anti-modernist (art) history that still affects the present.

#LITERATURE Viennese stories
The author Puneh Ansari will be reading from her rabid, sad and funny texts as part of the Favoriten district festival at Gasthaus Praschl on Wednesday. Admission free!

Thursday - May 3

#ART Glass Jaws
Stafett will produce an extended installation comprised of four distinct artistic positions made up of Minda Andrén, Jennifer Gelardo, Flavio Palasciano, and Alexander Jackson Wyatt at the art space GOMO.

#ART I followed you to the sun
The thematic group exhibition at Galerie Lisa Kandlhofer will feature eleven international artists who examine the conditions of human perception in relation to constructed realities.

#ART Wer ist dichter?
A performative dinner by Alexandru Cosarca, a meeting point for writers and guests at the interface between text and performance in the University Library of the Academy of Fine Arts.

#FASHION 6 Years Comerc
The store at Westbahnstraße will celebrate its birthday with a limited edition in collaboration with USED FUTURE, an exhibition by Manfred Unger and music by Florian Bocksrucker.

#FILM 5. /slash einhalb Filmfestival
Half-round anniversary for the annual halftime event by /slash: For the fifth time, they’ll serve you a dozen crazy, behavior-sensitive, marginal, entertaining Austrian premieres from the world of fantastic films.

Friday - May 4

#ART Ham-Fisted Garden Party
Vin Vin’s next exhibition, a solo show by Saskia Te Nicklin, will be staged as part of a Vin Vin temporary relocation to Schwarzenbergplatz.

#ART Can they be that close
Taking the idea of family as a metaphor for a group exhibition, this show curated by Yves-Michele Saß will present works by Rachel Fäth, Ernst Yohji Jäger, Johanna Klingler, Alex Pereira, Vanessa Schmidt and Pol Summer at Justice.

#MUSIC DJ Moe Invites
It’s all about connecting music genres from around the world and integrating different elements into a harmonious whole: World music missionary DJ Moe has invited DJ Lucia to co-star with him at the club celeste.

#MUSIC Femme DMG.Spot
The focus is on hip-hop of all but men: Femme DMC in cooperation with G.Spot have invited a total of 16 artists including rappers, DJs, dancers and many more to fluc. There may be some electro, too!

Saturday - May 5

#ART Spring
Opening of the group exhibition with works by Darina Kmetova, Anselma Murswiek, Irina Ojovan, Ulla Rauter, Anneliese Schrenk, Catalina Swinburn Kufferath, Anastasiya Yarovenko, and the collective LAb[au] at Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art.

#ART The Goodiepal Equation
Screening of the documentary film by the founder of Fonal Records, musician and artist Sami Sänpäkkilä at Galerie Emanuel Layr. The film narrates the deeds of Goodiepal, a self-proclaimed “man for the new millennium”.

#ART (Un)Built Urban Future
From the series Conversations at Christine König Galerie: Architect Daniel Podmirseg will lead a conversation with the artist Valentin Ruhry.

#MUSIC Disorder
This night is dedicated to acid and fast techno: Falhaber from T/W/B, Grace Schella, Rol:e, Irrelevant Human Behavior, Leclerc and Portrait of a Criminal Mind will play at Das Werk.

#MUSIC Pomelo 25 Years Anniversary
Another birthday this week you should not miss: The label Pomelo will go back to its place of origin, the Weberknecht, and celebrate there together with Electric Indigo, Dan Lodig, Slack Hippy, Art Vega, Gatasanta and DL/MS/.

Sunday - May 6

#ART Notrichter
What happens if you lure the Viennese off-space scene out of its project rooms into the fresh air? The notgalerie will open its spring season with guest performances by four well-known Viennese art spaces of the non-commercial exhibition scene.

Selected Ongoing Exhibitions

until May 5 Sophie Thun at Sophie Tappeiner
until May 5 Marie Lund at Croy Nielsen
until May 5 Lisa Holzer at Galerie Emanuel Layr
until May 26 Bruno Gironcoli at Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman
until May 27 Bruno Gironcoli & Optik Schröder II at mumok
until May 27 Ydessa Hendeles at Kunsthalle Wien
until May 30 Heimo Zobernig at Galerie Meyer Kainer
until June 3 Oa4s at Kevin Space
until June 9 Marina Abramovic at Galerie Krinzinger
until July 29 Rachel Whiteread at Belvedere 21
until August 12 Günter Brus at Belvedere 21


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