Hyperreality F23 Hyperreality F23
Photo by Martina Rastinger

Vienna’s Artists Guide to Hyperreality

May 22, 2018
Text by Phil Koch
Hyperreality F23
Photo by Martina Rastinger

We asked Viennese performers what you can expect from their Hyperreality shows this year and which other artists they are most looking forward to!

From the 24th until the 26th of May F23, a former coffin factory in Vienna, Liesing, will be converted into a contemporary club for this year’s Hyperrreality. As part of the Wiener Festwochen, festival curator Marlene Engel tries to create a space “where society’s obligations and mechanisms can be suspended and a new society can be deceived”. On three days with more than 45 artists in the context of global club culture, the program combines performance, electronic music and visual art.

To get a different perspective on the extensive program, PW-Magazine talked to local artists from the line-up, DJ HausweinDJ WarzoneEbow, Electric Indigo, Gaddafi Gals, Jung an Tagen and Therese Terror.

What can we expect from your performance at Hyperreality?

DJ Hauswein: “As most locals who have seen me play will already know: expect anything! I dont really take myself too seriously behind the decks so I’m not preparing too much to be honest, just gonna feel it out in the moment. All I can say for sure is that since I’ll be shutting down the festival with my slot being on the last day in the final hour it will be a ‘shutdown’ in every sense of the word. I’m considering playing some sentimental jams towards the very end just for a laugh but let’s see, I usually decide everything in the very last minute.”

Ebow: “Actually, it’s probably going to be too extreme, I don’t know if we should really do it.”

Electric Indigo: “It’s gonna be short and dishy, concentrated power, broken beats mixed with straight four-to-the-floor!”

Gaddafi Gals: “You can expect the highest level of spirituality.”

Jung an Tagen: “It will Jung an Tagen’s first AV performance ever. Partially with material from ‘20:03 [Y] HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?’. The sound comes from my new album ‘Agent im Objekt’ and the video is mainly based on CERN’s visual particle explosions. The video refers to Austrian experimental film artists such as Peter Kubelka or Granular Synthesis.”

Therese Terror: “I don’t really prepare my sets because I always buy new music. What I play in my sets is a mix of new stuff and tracks I haven’t heard in a long time. But HYPERREALITY will be different because I only have one hour to play in between Nina Kraviz and Electric Indigo. So I have to find a sound that fits this particular slot while representing my own aesthetic. Long story short, it’s gonna be quite a hard set with catchy tracks, that will be more experimental towards the end.”

DJ Warzone: “I have prepared a very intense rave set with some surprises. It will be a challenge for both me and the audience. The euphoric and epic mood will invite you to dance.”

Who are you most looking forward to at this year’s festival?

Ebow: “I’d have to write down the entire line-up to answer that question.”

Electric Indigo: “I’m looking forward to seeing them all, seriously. The mixture is great, it will be very diversified! I’m especially happy to meet Machine Woman in person, I really like her music. She’s also part of female:pressure but I’ve never seen her play live before. Also I’m very excited to see Therese Terror’s set for the first time!”

Gaddafi Gals: “Since all artists are great, we have to see how many of them we’ll manage to catch.”

Jung an Tagen: “To a lot this year. But if I’d have to name one, I would say, STILL. I’ve been following the work of Simone Trabucchi as a musician, DJ, film maker and label-head for many years. For me, he is one of the most interesting figures in the thriving Italian scene. I once saw him, but only as a DJ with one vocalist - this time it will be the complete set-up! Babel.”

Therese Terror: “The line-up is so massive that there is hardly anything to miss without FOMO. Karen Gwyer, Machine Woman and JASSS are my personal favorites and Nina Kraviz is a goddess to me! Electric Indigo is always great and also DJ Warzone and Gabba Eleganza are on my list! I’m also very excited to see the shows of Kelela, FAKA, Aïsha Devi and Arca. On the 26th of May 3GGA, Born in Flamez, DJ Assault, Ebow and FARCE are some of my highlights.”

DJ Warzone: “I’m very much looking forward to Taktloss’ show. I’m a fan of him from the beginning. As a young boy, my cousin once showed me his ‘Battlereimpriorität Nr. 2’ and I collect his tapes ever since. For me, it will be very interesting to see how he has developed over the years.”

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