The Femdex Podcast: Sybil


Femdex and PW-Magazine are collaborating on a series of podcasts and interviews to highlight female talent from Vienna and around the globe.

Artist name: Sybil
Current residence: London
Label/Crew: SIREN

Can you tell us about the ideas and inspirations behind this mix?

I’ve been lucky to have some amazing experiences dancing to mind bending music surrounded with friends in various woodlands this summer, and I just recorded this mix in one take after getting back from a mini-festival my friend Jack put on in the woods in Kent. I haven’t even showered, and didn’t plan anything, just jumped straight on the decks and vibed off the energies from last night. Also, Ivan Smagghe and Vladimir Ivkovic and Ricardo Villalobos blew my mind at Houghton last week, so I was also channelling those experiences into this mix. For me, being outside surrounded by trees and friends is a far more special and amazing way to dance to music than being inside any club or building.

As far as you remember, what was your first song or band that you fell in love with when you were a kid or a teenager?

Avril Lavigne Losing Grip (and the whole Let Go album). This was the first music I remember feeling a strong personal identity with, it’s probably a cliche but Avril’s music really spoke to me as a strange kid who didn’t really feel like I fit in. It’s funny, recently Jay and I got back from a night out and listened to the whole of Let Go in my bed singing along to every word. Bless you Avril.

Do you remember your first encounter with electronic music and can you elaborate on that?

To be honest it was that super bait dubstep like Flux Pavillion and Doctor P. At the time, I was super into indie music like everyone else, and until dubstep came along I thought electronic music was weird. It was a slow process of going through the many layers of entry-level electronic music to get to liking the really weird good stuff.

Tell us about one of your best, worst, funniest or strangest DJ experiences.

Best: Playing at Chapter 10 back to back with my djing partner in crime, Jay, for the Easter bank holiday this year, it was humbling to play at a party that means so much to both of us, and to the best crowd you’ll find in London. It was one of those sets where everything slots together and it felt like flying, there’s really nothing more special than sharing that experience with one of your best mates as well.

Funniest/strangest: Lauren (re:ni) and I ended up playing this ‘bondage themed’ warehouse party in Manor house in early 2016. When we got there it wasn’t a warehouse, it was a flat in a warehouse, they were playing trap/rap off an iPhone, the decks weren’t set up, and the only sign of any ‘bondage’ element was a dog cage on the floor. Most people there had white dreads. Some dude at one point put his leg up on the booth and grabbed the smoke machine then started thrusting with it while smoke was coming out. Someone came up and asked us if we were selling drugs. Someone else asked us to stop the music so they could ring their phone which they’d lost. No one knew what techno was, and to top it off some guy comes up to us and with a smirk says “Why are nice girls like you playing dark music like this?” Will never forget it, haha.

Our last featured artist Marie Cherie would like to know if you had to listen to one song on repeat for the next month, which one would it be?

Tarotplane A Tab In The Ozone. Most of the music I listen to day to day and travelling is ambient music, and I love all of Tarotplane’s music so much, I could (and do) listen to it constantly.

Get in touch with our next artist Ramona. What would you like to know?

Hi Ramona, what is a dancefloor memory of a time you have been reminded of why electronic music is so important to you?


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