The Femdex Podcast: Rugilė

Artist name: Rugilė
Current residence: Berlin
Label/Crew: none
Profession(s)/Project(s): none

Can you tell us about the ideas and inspirations behind this mix?

One grey evening in October, I was searching for inspiration and the YouTube algorithm got me to animals’ suicide videos. Joe Brown’s expression in his depressing “Snake Commits Suicide (2011)” impelled me to see this video not by only trying to perceive animals’ suicidal behaviors and self-destruction but to think of it as an artwork. I was watching him on repeat until I started wanting to listen to him as a song. I recorded him to Ableton, mixed it with suitable music and with more and more tracks it became a mixtape.

As far as you remember, what was your first song or band you fell in love with when you were a child or teenager?

Nelly Furtado – Say It Right. I loved its mystery, the hard drums and ghostly groove in it.

Do you remember your first encounter with electronic music and can you elaborate on that?

Nokia 5300 XPress Music, loudspeaker and gang of cool 6th graders.

Tell us about one of your best/worst/funniest or weirdest DJ experience.

Almost every gig was filling my emotional tank with joy, mostly. Imagine one of my first gigs in my hometown Kaunas: two inexperienced but omniscient pals (a guy, 14 years old and me, 16 years old) faked our ages for the owner of the bar (named: Bar) and organized their DJ night. It was a ‘can you play this song please’ type of event and thankfully there were two of us: while I was mixing my friend beat a guy who tried to eject my CD and put his in. Actually, we were in a fight with part of an audience most of the time during that gig. In the middle of the party the owners pretended to close the bar to kick out the unwelcome people and at the end we found out that we were playing at a strip club. That was a funny experience. We enjoyed and laughed all night.

Favourite BPM:

76 and 154

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A great opening track for a DJ set:

A track that always saves a dance floor:

But let’s do not forget to drop some guitars:

A guilty pleasure: Whereas I do not feel guilty at all about my favourite music, I am picking up a pleasant one. Rihanna has always been my favorite famous human.

And some of Björk should be here, too.

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Curated by Hannah Christ (MINOU ORAM) and Li Falkensteiner (MISONICA)


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